Southwire Clamp Meter Kit 20025K Test and Measurement Reviews

Southwire Clamp Meter Kit 20025K

The Southwire Clamp Meter Kit (model 20025K) seems geared towards both residential and commercial troubleshooting. It also works well for anyone doing energy audits or needing a flexible system to easily to monitor current.


Included in the Southwire 20025K Clamp Meter kit is an AC line splitter. It inserts into a standard 120V AC outlet and uses a standard clamp meter to measure current draw. It works on plug-in appliances or any electronics. This works well for troubleshooting or simply monitoring short-term current draw for devices.

Southwire 20025K Clamp Meter 60040S AC line splitter

The kit also includes an AC receptacle tester for testing outlets for wiring errors. The included GFCI function tests those circuits as well. It checks for open hot, ground, and neutral wires. It also notes when hot and ground, or hot and neutral, are reversed.

Southwire receptacle tester 40022S

Southwire Clamp Meter Kit 20025K Features

Southwire 21005N Clamp Meter

The Southwire 21005N clamp meter doesn’t appear on the Southwire website apart from the kit. This barebones meter measures the basics. It reads AC current up to 200A. It also handles AC/DC voltage up to 600V along with resistance, continuity, and diodes.


Southwire 40022S Receptacle

The Southwire 40022S receptacle tester quickly identifies the most common wiring faults associated with 3-wire 120V outlets. Just plug it into the outlet and the indicator lights quickly tell you if the outlet is wired correctly. Press the red button to verify that a GFCI circuit is functioning properly. It’s UL listed and they printed a handy wiring legend right on the top and bottom of the tester.

Southwire Clamp Meter Kit

60040S AC Line Splitter

Use the included 60040S AC line splitter to separate your hot and neutral lines without having to go to the breaker panel. It makes it fast and easy to measure the current draw of plug-in appliances and electronics. The device is CAT III 300V safety rated. In fact, all of the Southwire products in this kit carry a UL listing to meet the latest UL safety standards. They can also handle a 6-foot drop according to Southwire—though they don’t say what they drop their tools onto for this rating.

The Southwire 20025K Clamp Meter kit ($46.65) includes:

  • 21005N CAT III clamp meter and test leads
  • 60040S AC line splitter $46.65
  • 40022S GFCI receptacle tester $9.75
  • 2 AAA batteries
  • instruction manual
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For more info visit the Southwire website.

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