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Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk T2 Werkfleece
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  • Pro Review 9.6

Truewerk workwear like the T2 Werkpants push the comfort level of those stuck in their traditional clothing. Once you try it, you may never want to go back to jeans and cotton t-shirts ever again.

Overall Score 9.6 (out of 10)

Truewerk T2 Werkpant is Ready for Spring

When my phone rings and I see Brian’s number light up, I get pretty excited. No, he’s not my best friend or my brother (although he’s quickly rising up the ranks). He’s the guy behind Truewerk workwear. When he called, it was to get me to try the Truewerk T2 Werkpant. If you read our review of the T1 werkshort, you’ll recall there’s a difference between regular workwear and what Truewerk offers.

Truewerk workwear goes against the grain of the stereotypical construction worker and designs clothes for the industrial athlete. It’s designed for a person that’s more fit than most – wrapping around your body in a way that’s comfortable, stylish, and shows off that you take care of yourself.

Truewerk T2 Werkfleece and Werkpant

The Truewerk Double-Stitch T2 Werkpant is the unlined twin of the T3 from the fall/winter line. It features a combination of polyester, nylon, and spandex to produce 4-way stretch and is treated with a durable waterproof coating for days when the weather is less than ideal. Double stitching is in the name and it’s everywhere along with reinforcement in areas that are prone to higher stress from stretching.

Truewerk T2 Werkpant Stretch 2

Functional Pockets

Functional pockets are in most of the traditional places with a couple of bonuses. You have your traditional right and left deep pockets. On the upper right side of the Truewerk T2 Werkpant, you find a shallow zippered pocket. I like to keep my keys safely stored here since I have a key fob for my vehicle that I don’t want to get wet. Moving down, there is a knife and pen pocket on the lower right. While I use these to hold my Leatherman Signal most of the time, you’ll find that a double-stack pistol magazine fits pretty well for those days at the range.

Pen and Knife Pocket

On the lower left, the Truewerk T2 Werkpants have a cargo pocket. This has a hooded, solid-holding Velcro closure that protects the contents from falling water. It also has a loop if you need to clip anything below your waistline. There’s just one rear pocket on the right side that zippers closed. It’s slightly offset toward your hip which, though a little awkward at first, actually makes it easier to get into.

Werkpant velcro Right Pocket

There’s even a couple of bonus loops around the belt loops, making an excellent point to clip a variety of objects.

horizontal dual belt Loop

These pants will be comfortable for most of the year. You may want to go with shorts during the hottest part of the year or lined pants during the coldest. Here in central Florida, there won’t be an off-season for these. Expect to pay around $79 for a pair of the Truewerk T2 Werkpants.

Final Thoughts

Truewerk Workwear - Truewerk T2 Werkfleece Tag

Truewerk workwear is still pushing the comfort level of those stuck in their traditional clothing. Once you try it, you may never want to go back to jeans and cotton t-shirts ever again. It’s the most comfortable gear I own thanks to the lightweight, breathable design that stretches to move with me no matter what I’m working on.

Truewerk’s gear does come at a premium price point. However, if your work lends itself to technical gear, we think it’s worth your money.

Truewerk Double-Stitch T2 Werkpant Specifications

  • Sizes: Small – XLarge
  • Color Wolf Grey
  • Material: 50% polyester, 40% nylon, 10% spandex
  • Style: Long pant, unlined
  • Pockets: traditional front (left and right), cargo (lower left), zippered (above right pocket), knife/pen (lower right), zippered rear (right)

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