June 14, 2021

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United By Dickies, United By Inspiration

United by Dickies United by Inspiration

Embracing Maker culture in the Spring 2021 season, United By Dickies, United By Inspiration is a combination of a deeper look at the culture and an update to several popular workwear lines.

On the United By Dickies side, the FLEX, Temp-iQ, and DuraTech lines are getting a refresh. There are also two new lines launching alongside them.

For the ladies, the Authentic Utility Collection for Women focuses on upgraded fabrics, hardware, and utility, all with a modern design for women. Like we expect from Dickies, these are just as comfortable being used on the jobsite as they are for casual wear.

There are other new Dickies spring 2021 products in the Work-Inspired Lifestyle Collection. With products for both men and women, this line takes workwear functionality and blends it with a fashion-forward look.

For today’s Maker culture, these new lines fit both the function and look Makers want.

The United By Inspiration side of the campaign brings in stories of 12 Makers from around the country to look at the human side of the work. You’ll see them showing up in the imagery and get to hear a bit about their stories. Here’s who they’re focusing on:

  • Charlotte, Artist
  • Takayuki, Actor
  • Susan and James, Coffee Roasters
  • Chris and Freya, Ceramists
  • Richard, Furniture Designer
  • Emma, Woodworker
  • Matteo, Furniture Designer
  • Daniella, Metal Furniture Designer
  • Kijuan, Dancer
  • Carmel, Metal Worker

Do any of those stories resonate with you? Let us know in the comments below!

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