October 28, 2021

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Worx Nitro 40V Power Share Leafjet Blower

Worx Redefines Versatility with Unique Leafjet Blower Design

Worx sought to deliver the most wanted features in a leaf blower. The solution, according to Worx, is the Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower. Though it looks a bit unorthodox, the design combines an inline brushless motor and variable air control nozzle to bring you a dual-function blower that’s the most powerful blower Worx has ever offered.

What is Worx Saying About the Leafjet Blower?

When choosing a blower, homeowners may want high velocity (mph) or high air volume to move leaves and debris, so we designed the new WORX Nitro 40V Leafjet Blower to do both. By simply sliding the variable air control nozzle forward or backwards, homeowners can select which function works best for their conditions.

Pete Denley, WORX Senior Product Manager

What’s the Big Deal?

For us, the big deal revolves around the design of the Worx Leafjet Blower. Admittedly, it looks a little strange, but Worx claims that this design lets it pump out a maximum 620 cfm of air volume and air at a speed of 165 mph. It uses two 20V batteries (running in series at 40V) to power the inline brushless motor. This keeps its weight down to under 7 lbs even with those batteries attached.

But, the Worx Leafjet Blower also functions a bit differently than any other blowers presently on the market. by pressing the orange release button on the side of the tube and sliding the variable air control nozzle forward or backward, you can adjust between high-speed and high-volume air modes. The high-speed mode works well for dislodging leaves and debris from thicker, grassier areas. The high-volume mode seems ideal for clearing off hardscapes and larger areas.

Worx has designed the Leafjet Blower with a D-handle to make the whole experience more comfortable over longer periods of use. The handle features rubberized grips as well, and Worx has located the speed control dial at the handle for convenient power adjustments. A turbo button in the handle lets you take advantage of the maximum power that the Leafjet has to offer.

Other Features

  • Nitro tools designed to provide greater power, performance, and runtime
  • Sonic turbine fan technology
  • 2 speeds plus a Turbo setting
  • Charge level indicator


The Worx Nitro 40V Power Share Leafjet Blower comes in one of two configurations. As a bare tool, you can pick it up for $199.99. Or, for only $20 more, you can pick up the kit ($219.99). The latter seems like the better value proposition for this tool. You get two 4.0Ah batteries and even a 4A dual-charger. In either case, Worx backs this blower with a 5-year warranty.

Work Leafjet Blower Specs

  • Model: Worx WG585
  • Voltage: 40V
  • Motor: Brushless
  • Max Air Volume: 620 CFM
  • Max Air Speed: 165 mph
  • Blower Force: 14 N
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs with batteries
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Price: $199 (bare tool); $219.99 (kit)

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