5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Review

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Review

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Excels When It Matters Most

On my ever-growing list of “why the heck would you NOT want this?” items, the 5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk has arrived. Every adventurer needs an axe and aside from looking cool, we wanted to know if this is one you can rely on.

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Design


The tool is primarily SCM 435 steel with a set of fiberglass-reinforced nylon scales overlaying it to form the handle. The blend adds chromium and molybdenum and is classified as having medium hardness properties. It’s high-tensile steel with medium strength. While that may sound kind of ho-hum as a material choice, it has good impact properties, which is what you want for a full metal tang striking tool. The steel finishes with a black electro coating.

Gettin’ Down to Business

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Axe Edge

Enough with the chemistry, though. Let’s talk about the business end. On one side of the 5.11 Peacekeeper CFA Tomahawk, you have an axe edge that comes with a good, sharp grind to make quick work of wood-chopping.

Pro Tip: Tomahawks have a thin profile that’s great for effective chopping. If you want to split wood, you need a wider wedge on a heavier tool.

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Tactical Point

The opposite side comes a blade point. However, neither the edge nor the point is particularly sharp. On the adventure side of things, this point is outstanding for breaking up hard soil or ice.

Size and Weight


There are cutouts that reduce the overall weight of the tool to 1.8 pounds. Combined with a 14-inch total length, it’s darn near perfect. There’s enough mass coming through your swing that single blows on either end are highly effective. At the same time, it’s not a very fatiguing tool to use. Plus, the majority of the steel is 1/4-inch thick, so it’s impressively durable.

Removable Scales

Nylon Scales

If the nylon scales aren’t your thing, you can take them off easily enough with a Torx driver. It’s bare metal underneath, so a wrap of paracord is a good replacement to help you maintain a secure grip. No matter which way you go, your grip for using the axe is much more natural than flipping it around to the tactical point. It’s a trade-off, but one that makes your chopping duties easier and the reverse grip isn’t terribly uncomfortable.

Additional Features

  • Nylon protective head cover
  • 4-position belt/MOLLE clip (3-inch capacity)

5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk Price

The regular price of this tomahawk is $150.00 and that seems to be the going rate at 5.11 retailers.

The Bottom Line

Of all the small hatchets and tomahawks I’ve used in the field, the 5.11 Peacemaker CFA Tomahawk is my favorite. It has a balance of size, weight, and strike effectiveness that’s better than my others. For my outdoor adventures, it means I can tackle a wider range of tasks without turning to a larger, heavier model, and that makes a big difference when you’re hiking everything in on your back.

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