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Magnum Flint Z-Flex boots beauty

Magnum Flint Z-Flex Waterproof Boots Review

I’m the director of Facility and Neighborhood Services for Parker Street Ministries. That’s a fancy title for the guy who manages the building and basically takes care of just about anything that happens in the inner-city neighborhood where I work. I’m on my feet at least 80% of the day, and my work takes me […]

WX254L Worx SD slide action

Worx SemiAutomatic Driver Review

Right off the bat, I’m sure some of you are going to ask, “Why on earth would you review a 4V screwdriver in a publication dedicated to tradesmen and tool-using professionals?” Sure, we could have filled this space with another 18V saw or perhaps the latest hand tool or accessory. Heck, even a review of […]