April 15, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

What Are Tamperproof Screws?

Tamperproof Screws and Security Fasteners | What You Need to Know

When we took a look at the Klein 4-in-1 Torx Screwdriver we came across one of its more notable features. “Includes T7, T8, T10 and T15 tamperproof Torx pin bits,” the packaging told us. Off in the distance, we hear the intern ask, “What’s a tamperproof bit?” And, just like that, we have the subject […]

Lithium-Ion Battery Maintenance

Lithium-ion Battery Charging Tips | 5 Run-time Killers

I like to test the limits of tools—and that means understanding how long my batteries should last. With some manufacturers stating one year and others three, here are some lithium-ion battery charging tips to help keep your packs in the best shape possible. We’re talking about Lithium-ion battery maintenance and storage as well as what […]

why contractors don't show up

Why Contractors Don’t Show Up

They say that unmet expectations are at the heart of disappointment and that disappointment leads to broken relationships. That’s certainly true in marriage and friendship, but often that disappointment comes from expectations that were never verbalized in the first place. Before I start sounding too much like my shrink, I really do have a point […]

Makita 18V LXT Sub-Compact Combo Kit

How to Use a Drill and Impact Driver Combo

Continuing our Training the Apprentice series, the PTR Pro team wanted to talk about how to use a drill and impact driver combo to save time and work more efficiently. As one of the most popular cordless combo kits out there, it’s more than just putting two (relatively) inexpensive power tools together. It’s about putting […]

No More Free Product Returns

No More Free Product Returns? Abused Retailers Pushing Back

Have you ever gone to a home improvement warehouse and bought too much material—knowing you could just take back what you didn’t use? Sure you have. Apparently, lots of people have been taking advantage of the “No Hassle” return policies of certain retailers. But what if there were no more free product returns? The days […]

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator

Experience Next-Level Luxury with Savaria Vuelift Sometimes you see something so cool you just have to show it to others. For us, the Vuelift elevator fits the bill. Designed and built using quality materials and components, the Savaria Vuelift Residential Elevator provides a smooth and scenic ride that puts climbing stairs to shame. Seriously, why […]

Coolbox Worlds Smartest Toolbox

CoolBox Cool Tool Box and Cooler

CoolBox Lays Claim as the “World’s Smartest Toolbox” Co-founders Mike D’Agostini and Christopher Engelo have a lot of people excited about the CoolBox. The Coolbox delivers blends a traditional toolbox with modern technology. It started as an IndieGogo crowdfunding project and now you can buy it online. Crowdfunding has created some interesting products in the past—like […]

ironclad rechargeable led work light

Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Light Review

When we received a package from Ironclad, we assumed we’d open it and find the latest gloves along with a few stickers. We were surprised to find two Ironclad rechargeable LED work light models. And, yes, there were some gloves as well.  Ironclad Rechargeable LED Work Lights Integrated Lithium-Ion Power Both lights feature an integrated […]