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DeWalt 60V FlexVolt cordless pipe threader

DeWalt 60V FlexVolt Cordless Pipe Threader Review

The outstanding DeWalt 60V FlexVolt Cordless Pipe Threader showcases the company’s solid sense of design and attention to detail. This tool category is quite new, but it really seems like DeWalt thought of everything. Electricians, plumbers, mechanical technicians, sprinkler installers, and other Pros can rejoice that the days of manual threading or running miles of […]

Milwaukee dieless crimper front

Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper

The Milwaukee M18 Force Logic 750 MCM Dieless Crimper recently put on a crimping clinic and displayed the company’s knack for innovation. An inline design and proprietary Auto Distance Control makes it the lightest battery-powered 750 MCM crimper on the market. Our crew at G&G Electric gave it a test run wiring up large cables […]

Klein Tool Station Backpack

Klein Tool Station Backpack for Electricians

The Klein Tool Station Backpack literally stands out among Klein’s solid backpack lineup—and many of its competitors. Many bags—even some with hard-molded bottoms—easily tip over once you add a few tools. The main zippers on the Klein Tool Station go all the way to the bottom. This creates a stable bag and provides ample access […]

Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger Wire Puller spooling rope

Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger 1000-lb Wire Puller Review

The compact Greenlee G1 Versi-Tugger 1,000-lb wire puller is an excellent wire pulling tool for jobs of 1,000-lbs or less.  When it first showed up, most of the crew was surprised by its size. If this diminutive puller could get the job done, it’d be superior to the bigger and heavier one we usually use. […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Fluke 87V multimeter

Fluke 87V Multimeter Review | Industrial Features

Many consider the Fluke 87V multimeter the premier comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance tool of its kind. As a result, it also commands a premium price. The first Fluke 87V meter was introduced in the late 1980s, and we picked up the latest version to test out on some commercial job sites. First up came a […]

Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool

Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool Review

The Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool doesn’t have an exposed blade, so it gets the job done safely. But that safety comes with a slight trade-off. Veteran Pros adept at stripping a cable with a blade probably won’t have the patience to use it if it isn’t required. However, it’s a great option for jobs where […]

Review10.0(out of 10)
Milwaukee fish tape feeding line

Milwaukee 100 ft Polyester Fish Tape

The triple strand design of the new Milwaukee 100 ft Polyester Fish Tape approaches the stiffness of steel while retaining the smooth, low-friction movement of poly. The result is the best fish tape we’ve ever used. As an electricians tool, this shows promise. Let’s go fishin’. Pros Triple strand poly design strikes a great balance […]

Southwire Bender

Southwire Conduit Bender Review

Southwire Conduit Bender Becomes Our Electrician’s Go-To Bender The Southwire conduit bender series are built-to-last tools with a couple of features you won’t find on every competitor. I’ve been installing conduit on a big job recently and my review of the Southwire MCB1 is just around the bend. PROS Easy-to-see cast bender markings on both sides […]

Review9.2(out of 10)

Fluke Pack30 Professional Tool Backpack Review

Early in my career, I quickly learned the value of organized tools. Like a lot of guys, I started out using a big duffel to carry everything whether I need it that day or not. It’s heavy and disorganized, but it’s cheap. However, even the greenest apprentice can figure out that it’s actually disorganization that’s expensive on the […]