Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool Review

Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool

The Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool doesn’t have an exposed blade, so it gets the job done safely. But that safety comes with a slight trade-off. Veteran Pros adept at stripping a cable with a blade probably won’t have the patience to use it if it isn’t required. However, it’s a great option for jobs where an exposed blade or razor is prohibited. That’s more common than you may realize.


  • No exposed blades for safe operation
  • Depth adjustment helps avoid scoring the wire
  • Large cable diameter capability from 8 AWG to 750kcmil (750MCM)
  • Made of tough nylon
  • Great for jobs or applications where an exposed blade or razor is prohibited


  • Takes longer than using a blade or razor
  • Cable jacket lifting edge is cumbersome


This cable stripper makes safe and clean cuts without scoring the wire. If the job requires a safe stripping tool without an exposed blade, it’s a great option. As more and more industrial applications restrict the use of bladed on a job site, solutions like the Greenlee G2090 provide a much-needed solution.


Around the Clock

You’ve probably seen designs similar to the Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool for small diameter wire applications like VDV. Greenlee has supersized the style for diameters up to 750kcmil (750MCM) for the purpose of reducing exposed blade lacerations.

Forty percent of recordable job site injuries are exposed blade lacerations, so it’s hard to argue against the notion.

Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool

Using the Greenlee G2090 Cable Stripper

To use the tool, you first set the blade depth so it scores the jacket but not the wire. This really only needs to happen once, however for each thickness of jacket you intend to strip. For the most part, this step won’t be required.

You then squeeze the Greenlee cable stripping tool to open it up and insert the cable at the desired position. Stripping is as easy as rotating the tool around the cable to set the final stripped position. You then rotate it in the opposite direction three or four times to spiral the tool off the end of the cable.

The jacket won’t easily peel off by hand, so Greenlee gives you a “lifting edge” area on the tool to help grab the jacket and get it started. You then just peel it off the cable down to your starting position.

peeling Greenlee stripped cable

The tool takes some getting used to, but the process speeds up with practice.

Greenlee G2090 cable stripping tool

Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool Applications

We think the Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool provides a solid way to strip larger diameter cables effectively and safely. It does so without scoring the wire—making a truly clean strip. Where you need to forego traditional blades and opt for a safer stripping method, this is going to be a popular tool that compares well to other options on the market.


There are several ways to skin a cable, so comparable tools have different designs. Here’s how the Greenlee stripping tool compares to some other options.

  • Klein Tools 20150: $49.97
  • Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool G2090: $93.35
  • DeWalt 20V Max Cordless Cable Stripper Kit DCE151TD1: $289.99
  • Southwire XTS-01 Cable Strippers: $261.82

spiral stripped electrical cable

The Bottom Line

We’re seeing more and more industrial applications where the plant won’t allow exposed blades or razors. OSHA requirement also prevents the use of open blades in many situations. When safety and processes take precedent, the Greenlee G2090 cable stripping tool gets the job done.

For Pros who may not require a safer method of stripping cables, using manual blades is almost certainly quicker. We’ve certainly stripped hundreds of cables over the years and can easily outwork the Greenlee. Even so, a cable stripping tool is simply required in some places—and this model works well to solve that problem.

For more information, visit the Greenlee website.

Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool Specifications

  • Item Number: G2090
  • Capacity: 8 AWG to 750kcmil
  • Handle: Spring-actuated
  • Jaw Type: Cable guided hook
  • Material: High-strength Nylon
  • Overall Length: 7.5 inches
  • Replacement Parts
    • Replacement Blades: 03961
    • End Plug: 05328
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Price: $93.35

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