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Milwaukee Cordless Cable Stripper Available in M12 or M18 Flavors

Whether You’re an M18 or M12 Kind of Pro, There’s a Milwaukee Cordless Cable Stripper for You In yet another example of making your job safer and more productive, Milwaukee has announced the release of two new cordless cable strippers. The M12 and M18 cable strippers are designed to keep your digits safe from stabs […]

Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool

Greenlee Adjustable Cable Stripping Tool Review

The Greenlee Cable Stripping Tool doesn’t have an exposed blade, so it gets the job done safely. But that safety comes with a slight trade-off. Veteran Pros adept at stripping a cable with a blade probably won’t have the patience to use it if it isn’t required. However, it’s a great option for jobs where […]

New Southwire Tools Shown Off at STAFDA 2017

If you’re in the electrical or HVAC trades, you’ve probably noticed the massive growth coming from Southwire Tools & Equipment. Known for their wire, Southwire continues to push deeper into the tool side of the business. There are plenty of new Southwire tools to consider from STAFDA 2017, but it’s the Made in America series […]