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Tool Repair Seven Deadly Sins

How to Ruin Your Power Tools and Make the Repair Man Happy

As one of the largest tool repair destinations in Central Ohio, Ohio Power Tool sees hundreds of tools in for repair each month. Unfortunately, much of the damage we repaired could have been avoided with just a few basic steps towards good tool maintenance. Sometimes, it seems, people ruin tools through lack of care and […]

Things Not Covered Under Your Power Tool Warranty

Having grown up in a tool repair business I’ve had the opportunity to experience a wide range of creative uses for power tools. Some of those uses don’t always fall under what the manufacturers might suggest. When I was presented with the opportunity to share some of those experiences, I got very excited. It could […]

Ohio Power Tool Renovation Project

When our small tool business (Central Ohio Power Tool, at the time) opened its doors in 1983, it was a very modest operation, serving the repair needs of local automotive shops and construction companies. We have been extremely fortunate over the past 30 years to have attracted some very knowledgeable, talented and hard working folks […]

Over the Counter: The Columbus Idea Foundry

No matter where you are in the personal quest to build your ultimate tool arsenal, it always seems like each new project brings the potential for a new tool acquisition. Even for those with a pretty robust collection there is always another method that might be quicker, better, or more fun. With the purchase of […]

The Golden Bear Tool Experiment

In the professional tool sale business we see a lot of unique application for tools—and the more obscure the more we get excited—but it’s a very rare day when we are actually involved in the tool development process. Lots of us have had ideas for different tools in our heads. Some may have even sketched […]