October 26, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Review9.7(out of 10)
SawStop jobsite table saw review

SawStop Jobsite Table Saw Review JSS-120A60

It was during a time when I was in-between table saws that I first read about SawStop technology. Its safety features quickly impressed me as did the build quality of the tool. While I liked the design, I didn’t exactly have the room for a full-size cabinet saw in my little shop. When the SawStop jobsite table saw (JSS-120A60) came out […]

Review7.2(out of 10)
Byrd Rescue 2 Knife vs Spyderco Atlantic Salt

Byrd Rescue 2 Knife Review vs Spyderco Atlantic Salt

I wanted to subtitle this review: A Tale of Two Knives, to reflect the vast differences two otherwise similar-looking blades. Alas, literature and knives don’t always work so well together. Still, I love knives. One of my very first jobs was a whitewater raft guide, and a necessary piece of gear was a good knife. The […]

SawStop table saw rip

How I Ended Up Buying a SawStop Table Saw

I have had a fairly long relationship with table saws, and to be honest, they all scare the heck out of me a little. Second to the chainsaw, no other tool seems so aggressive in its attempts to hurt you. The spinning blade is aimed directly at you, and it has the ability to pull things […]

Silky Sugoi pruning saw

Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw Review

There is sharp, really sharp, and then there is Silky Sugio 360 pruning saw sharp. I have a ton of pruning, and constantly been looking for the best weapon to make big problems smaller. I have used bow saws, the saw back of a low grade machete, and even a Milwaukee SawZall with a pruning […]