Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw Review

Silky Sugoi pruning saw

There is sharp, really sharp, and then there is Silky Sugio 360 pruning saw sharp.

I have a ton of pruning, and constantly been looking for the best weapon to make big problems smaller. I have used bow saws, the saw back of a low grade machete, and even a Milwaukee SawZall with a pruning blade. I have a few chainsaws, but, they are not used for limbing. I discovered the Japanese style tooth blade with the Silky Gomboy, and was sold on the tooth design. With my first Silky Saw was a catalogue, and I knew I had to have a pruning saw too. The Silky Sugoi 360 pruning saw is a pro grade pruning saw that cuts on the pull stroke, with an innovative tooth design and a curved blade that ensures greater saw to branch contact, and it falls through the wood.

Silky Sugoi 360 Pruning Saw Features

The Silky Sugoi 360 pruning saw is an unusual saw, with a thinner blade, designed to cut on the pull stroke. The 360 mm (14 inch) saw is my new go to tool for anything under 4 inches in diameter on a tree, and its brother, the Hayuchi pole saw will let me trim up to 28 feet in the air (although anything over 25 feet gets a little sketchy).

Silky Sugoi 360 pruning saw

The saw has a triple ground tooth that is almost pyramid in shape, and cuts quickly, and does an excellent job clearing the chips. It has 5.5 teeth per inch, and leaves a surprisingly smooth edge. The saw blade is full tang and replaceable, but, if handled responsibly this should not be an issue for a good long while. At the tip of the blade is a hook blade that is sharpened and can be used to quickly cut small branches.

Silky Sugio japanese teeth

The saw comes with a hard plastic yellow sheath that can be belt mounted either low with a quick release buckle or slightly higher by threading your belt through the provided slot. A third mounting option favored by arborists is on the calf with two removable straps.

Silky Sugoi 360 pruning saw sheath

After getting this saw, my bowsaw has fallen idle, as most of my other pruners—this is just faster. The chainsaw will not come out unless the limb I’m cutting is over 3 inches in diameter. More importantly, the neighborhood doesn’t wake up when the Sugoi is pulled from its sheath. It’s also a great tool to help avoid using a chainsaw in an unsafe manner, because it is so useful for those tricky overhead and ladder cuts (although I tend to use a pole saw whenever possible for those.)

Silky Sugoi 360 blade
The Silky Sugoi 360 pruning saw utilizes proprietary Silky MIRAI-ME (smooth cutting) technology. The precision-ground, razor sharp blade with four cutting angles provide extremely fast, clean and smooth cutting action.

Silky Sugoi Pruning Saw Specifications

  • Custom high-visibility yellow plastic sheath with belt clip is included
  • Blade length: 14-1/5-inch (360 mm)
  • Blade: 5.5 teeth per inch (6.5 teeth per 30 mm) hard chrome-plated blade
  • Weight: 0.8 pounds (360 grams); 1.65 pounds (760 grams) with sheath
  • Warranty: Limited lifetime against defects in material and workmanship

Street price tends to be just under $99. Buy it from our friends at:

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