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what did they use before power tools

What Did They Use Before Power Tools? The Good Old Days

Ahhhh, the good old days… that’s the sentiment that all of us feel from time to time—or maybe even most of the time. While we’re certainly not opposed to an appropriate level of sentimentality, we are living at the best time in the history of tools. The power and portability give the novice or apprentice […]

when to use orbital action Milwaukee Super SawZall

When to Use Orbital Action on a Reciprocating Saw

Everyone seems to want the best reciprocating saw, but even the top models cut more slowly than others if you don’t use them properly. Pros find reciprocating saws remarkably useful as a demolition tool. At its core, the recip functions as a motorized hacksaw that can cut wood, metal, nails, pipes, and just about anything […]

How To Use a Concrete T Nailer

How to Use a Concrete T Nailer Like a Pro

Pneumatic nail guns have been saving time (and thumbs) since 1950. They are common on jobsites from just after groundbreaking until the final punch list items are completed. Framing nailers build the bones; roofing nailers (or coil nailers) fasten shingles, wraps, and siding; and finish nailers drive the nails that hold trim. All of these […]

How to Repair Torn Drywall Paper

How to Repair Torn Drywall Paper

So you finally got around to removing that paneling or tile and RIP! Off comes some drywall paper (also called facing) along with it. Now what started as a fun update project has turned into an annoying repair project. The damage isn’t deep, but it’s unsightly. So what’s the right way to repair it? Well, […]

Skil jobsite miter saw

Essential Jobsite Safety Tips | Wisdom from Pros to Apprentices

Jobsite Safety Tips from the Pro to the Apprentice Working on a jobsite is challenging, but that doesn’t mean it has to be dangerous. In fact, all accidents are preventable with proper precautions. We’ve written about electrical wiring safety, table saw safety, and we have a lot more to pass on to the apprentices out there […]

12V vs 18V tools

12-Volt vs 18-Volt Tools: Do I Need Both?

Each year, manufacturers dazzle us with new tool innovations and battery technology. We want more run-time, more power, and more overall tool longevity. By and large, major tool manufacturers are delivering those things. Today, the best cordless drills far exceed the capabilities of corded tools. Professionals are beginning to regard their 18V tools as their […]

Best Cordless Reciprocating Saw Head-to-Head Review - Makita Medium Metal Cutting

How to Use a Reciprocating Saw Like a Pro

There’s probably no more useful saw for remodelers, plumbers, and electricians than the reciprocating saw. It’s hard to imagine a jobsite without one. But that was the reality before the introduction of the Milwaukee Sawzall—the trademarked name that became synonymous with reciprocating saws—in 1951. We got our Pro team together to help you understand how […]

Top 10 Tools Every Electrician Needs: Training the Apprentice

Top 10 Electricians Tools You Need as an Apprentice

Every trade has its preferred tools. While many trades use mostly “general” tools like saws and drills, professional electricians have some favorites. These tools come uniquely tailored for the job. That’s because they have to measure what can’t be seen, in units difficult for the non-Pro to understand, in quantities that can be downright deadly. […]

Pry Bar

Use a Pry Bar to Lift a Door and Hold It in Place

We’ve been looking at some non-traditional uses for our core tools. Some are legit Pro-level while others just make the weekend a little easier or more fun. Today, we’re taking a creative look at the tougher-than-nails flat bar or pry bar. It’s a demolition tool used for pulling and prying things apart. It literally takes […]