April 15, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

TIG welding

Comparing MIG, TIG, or Stick Welding – Which is Best?

It can take quite a while to become proficient at the art and science of welding. First, a welder must develop technical skills for the craft itself. Next, he or she also has to understand the constraints of material type, size, location, power source, budget, and more. In the end, fabricating metal is practical, satisfying, and (potentially) […]

6 Quick Home Workshop Hacks

6 Quick Home Workshop Hacks

We can never have enough tools or enough space for tools, so we have to make the most efficient and comfortable use of what we have in our home workshops. We thought we’d list a few easy and cheap ways to maximize your working space with 6 quick home workshop hacks. 6 Quick Home Workshop […]

general liability mistakes contractors make

Contractor General Liability Mistakes to Avoid

Anyone who’s been on a jobsite knows there are dangers everywhere. Sharp things, heavy things, electrified things, moving equipment, and combustibles. We’ve written about jobsite safety before, but our suggestions weren’t exhaustive because we omitted an invisible danger. It’s lurking everywhere on a site and, more importantly, it can stick with you long after the […]

sidewinder vs worm drive circular saws

Sidewinder vs Worm Drive Circular Saws

You’d be hard-pressed to find a jobsite without a circular saw. So what makes people choose between sidewinders and worm drives? And why does the East Coast choose the former while the West Coast seems to prefer the latter? Isn’t a circular saw just a circular saw? *Buzzer Sound!* Actually, no. While sidewinder circular saws (or […]

Impact Driver Vs. Hammer Drill - What's the Difference?

Impact Driver vs Hammer Drill – What’s the Difference?

Pop quiz, hotshot: what are the major differences between an impact driver and hammer drill? If you’re stumped, you’re not alone. The answer: mechanisms and applications. Let’s drill down to the impact driver vs hammer drill question right now. Impact Driver vs Hammer Drill Mechanisms Impact Driver Mechanism A hammer and anvil design helps impact drivers accomplish their […]

Roof Restoration Tips from the Pros

Roof Restoration After the Storm: Build Your Business

If you serve communities in the paths of hurricanes and tornadoes, consider the following roof restoration tips from the PTR Pros to help build your business after a storm. After a damaging storm, your focus shifts from routine jobs to storm restoration and remediation. We’ve written a lot about roofing nailers, roofing cutters, and even […]

Gas Blowers Versus Battery Powered Blowers

Gas vs Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

Springtime often catches us off-guard every year. We once again have to move leaves, grass clippings, and general detritus from lawns, driveways, and sidewalks. What? You don’t want to rake and sweep all day long for a week? Neither do we. Joining our aversion to unnecessary work with our love of power tools causes us […]

Ridgid R175RNF Coil Roofing Nailer

What to Look for in a Pro Roofing Nailer

It’s a safe bet that most nails driven on modern construction sites aren’t put there by a hammer. Framing and roofing nailers have made the job faster and easier, so it’s no surprise they get put in the game while hammers ride the bench—at least for the bulk of the work. We compared the best framing […]

Using Hammer Drills VS Rotary Hammers

Rotary Hammer vs Hammer Drill | Looking Inside

So you’ve got some holes to drill. In concrete. Well, that changes things. Sure, you might be able to get by with a regular drill and a masonry bit, but then again you might not. It depends on how hard the concrete is, how much aggregate is in the mix, and how many holes you […]

Does the stock market affect housing?

Does the Stock Market Affect Housing?

For as long as people have been investing, markets have defied logic—in one direction or the other. Housing and the stock market sometimes coincide. At other times., they seem to diverge. At some point, you want some sort of understanding of what to expect and how to prepare your business and/or investments. More specifically, we want […]