August 5, 2021

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Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker Hammer

Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker Hammer Announced

The Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker quickly surpassed its predecessor, the 11304 Brute. It increased performance while lowering vibration. We got to put our hands on this beauty back in 2010 and it was a blast to use. The Brute’s hammer mechanism provides up to 60 percent more impact energy than the 11304 while reducing vibration levels by up to 50 percent. Weighing in at a svelte 65 lbs., the BH2760VC boasts the category’s best power-to-weight ratio, delivering up to 68 ft. lbs. of impact energy.

Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker Features

The secret to Bosch’s latest “crushing” innovation lies in the ability to improve the Brute’s performance and lower vibration levels at the same time. Over the years, competitive products have used counterbalance technology to reduce vibration levels, which adds size and weight to the tool. Using its patented Active Vibration Control technology, Bosch has created a longer air cushion which is actually built-in to the hammer mechanism and substantially reduces vibration levels at the source. This, combined with ergonomically-designed shock-absorbing handles, helps provide the lowest vibration levels in its class for maximum user comfort in all day applications.

Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker Hammer
Bosch BH2760VC Brute Breaker Hammer

Power, Energy, and Protection

The increased impact energy not only improves performance but does not have an off-setting effect on jobsite durability. Bosch engineered the BH2760VC from the bottom up. They designed it with a more efficient motor, less energy loss in the seals, and heavier duty springs and bolts. It also has a larger, more rugged spring dampening system overall. The Bosch Service Minder Brush System shuts off the tool when brush replacement, lubrication, or preventative maintenance is needed. A grease-packed gearbox and hammer mechanism eliminates the uncertainty of jobsite lubrication.

The Brute legend dates back to 1966. That saw the production of the high-frequency GSH 27 (model 12308) in Leinfelden, Germany. In 1977, Bosch introduced the universal motor with 11304 Brute Breaker hammer. To date, a 1978 model of the 11304 remains one of the longest-rented tools in history. That tool saw a total of 2076 rentals over 21 years before being donated back to Bosch still-operational.

The Brute BH2760VC comes complete with a non-slip rubber cover to prevent the Brute from tipping while in storage. You also get a Deluxe Cart and four chisels.

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