May 9, 2021

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Bosch Track Saw Video Review GKT13-225L

Bosch Track Saw

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation in North America was formed in January 2003. Sixteen years later the first Bosch track saw hit North America. While the GKT 55 GCE track saw has been available in Europe for many years, they’re coming a little late to this party.

Now, in a market with sharp competition and a slightly higher price tag, the GKT13-225L will need to prove its worth. Fortunately for Bosch, this carpentry tool delivers a truckload of smart and useful features aimed at Pros, plus the quality of German engineering that all make it worth the wait. While corded saws may not get as much attention as cordless saws, this one deserves yours.


  • Excellent cut quality, even with the stock blade
  • Intelligent rail design
  • Feature set that promotes precision
  • Helpful blade change system
  • Includes an L-Boxx for storage


  • Higher price point than most brands except Festool

Well, it was a long wait, but I think we benefited greatly from the GKT 55 GCE pedigree and its field service in Europe. This Bosch track saw is an excellent saw that produces repeatable, reliable, high-quality results across many applications. The only question left to ask is whether to stick with this or go cordless?

Read The Full Written Bosch Track Saw Review Here

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