Hand Saw Reviews & Buying Guides

Before power tools, we used a lot of different types of hand saws to get the job done. In fact, hand saws might be one of the most popular and varied tools in the industry. We cover reviews of multiple types of hand saws including crosscut and rip cut saws, hacksaws, coping saws, bow saws, keyhole saws (for drywall), back saws for mitering, and—of course—pruning saws. Using a hand saw of any type involves technique. It also requires that you match the right saw with the right application. You don’t, for example, want to use a hacksaw to cut lumber. Consequently, a crosscut saw makes a horrible tool for getting through EMT or copper! We help you know which hand saw to buy and also have articles teaching proper sawing techniques for anyone from DIYers to seasoned professionals or trim carpenters who need a refresher course.

Warranted Superior Hand Saw Circa 1921

We’re going to just admit this up front – we have no idea how old this saw is. We do know, or at least surmise, that it is in excess of 90 years old due to how it came into the family. It belonged to my great grandfather and was used on a number of lumber-cutting tasks. This is a Warranted Superior Hand Saw, which is to say that it’s commonly referred to as a “lower class” of saw since it doesn’t bear the Disston seal, but rather a more generic moniker. Warranted Superior is actually a company by Warren and Ted Superior, makers of a ton of hand saws back in the early 1900’s. The blade on these saws is actually reminiscent of those old two-man saws used by loggers before the advent of chainsaws and gas-powered cutting machines in general.

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Drywall Saw Preview

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Saw Preview

Milwaukee introduced a new Rasping Jab Saw (Drywall Saw) as part of its new line of hand tool products. Eliminating the need for separate rasping and reaming tools, the new saw utilizes grating holes along the side of the blade to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges of sheetrock or drywall after a cut has been made.