ToughBuilt Folding Pull Saw

ToughBuilt Gives You A Full-Length Pull Saw With Compact Storage

Having a quality manual saw can be a benefit for precise cuts in the wood shop. But how do you break the mold of a traditional design? ToughBuilt decided they were up for the challenge with a convenient blueprint that increases safety. We wanted to take a closer look at the ToughBuilt Folding Pull Saw to help you determine if this innovative design deserves a spot on your workbench.

ToughBuilt Folding Pull Saw Overview

  • Model: TB-H4-21-2X
  • Double-edge blade design
  • 7 to 10 TPI for fine cutting
  • 17 TPI for extra-fine cutting
  • Thin, flexible blade for clean cuts in both directions
  • Hardened teeth for precise flush-cutting jobs
  • Geared pivoting mechanism for folding handles
  • Handle lock prevents unintentional opening

There are quite a few folding pull saws available on the market, but none with a design quite like this. The handles cover both blade edges to ensure safer storage, and the handle lock prevents the blade from becoming exposed unintentionally. Compared to some common designs that fold in on themselves like pocket knives or don’t fold at all, this saw provides you with extra security and compact storage.

The 10-inch blade’s double-edge design gives you two different utilization elements. One side features 7 to 10 TPI (Teeth Per Inch) for coarse rip cutting, and the other side has 17 TPI for extra-fine detail work and flush cuts. ToughBuilt says this saw’s steel sub-structure also increases durability and rigidity.

ToughBuilt Folding Pull Saw Price

This saw retails for $25 and ToughBuilt offers a lifetime warranty. You can find it at your favorite ToughBuilt retailer.

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