Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife (Retractable)

Toughbuilt Tackles Three Tasks in One Tool

Toughbuilt launched a first-of-its-kind retractable utility knife. It pulls triple duty as a utility knife, scraper, and light-duty pry bar. We love to multitask and can appreciate a tool that combines a couple of key uses into one. The Toughbuilt Retractable Scraper Utility Knife makes for super simple transitions between applications. We could easily see this tool become a favorite of those in the construction, painting, industrial, or DIY fields.

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Check out the Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife in Action!

tool in action

Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife Design Notes

The Toughbuilt design team has engineered the Scraper Utility Knife with unique thumb switch mechanism that quickly flips the position of the blade. By pressing the button at the business end of the knife housing, you can unlock the blade from its normal cutting position and move it to a position more conducive to scraping away paint, putty, adhesives, labels, and more.

Because of this proprietary mechanism, this tool requires the use of special blades that include a central trapezoidal hole which it uses to secure the blade during travel. These blades also work on traditional utility knives, but standard blades won’t work with this tool.

At the back of the 6″ handle, Toughbuilt adds a mini pry bar. It won’t pull up any nails, but it seems well-suited for opening paint cans. This is a design element we’re starting to see on several recent utility knives, and it’s incredibly helpful.

Other Features

  • Rubberized grip
  • Carry loop for tethering the tool
  • Blades made from 58% aluminum and zinc alloy, 15% ABS, PP, and TPE, and 27% steel
  • Smooth blade

The Bottom Line

The Toughbuilt Retractable Scraper Utility Knife is the first tool we’ve seen with this sort of design, and it’s incredibly helpful. We’re often in need of a scraper, but that generally involves looking for a separate tool. By having these two tools tied together, and with the additional utility of the built-in pry bar, we can cover a wide variety of applications without spending any time trying to hunt down a dedicated scraper.


You can pick up the Toughbuilt Retractable Scraper Utility Knife from Lowe’s. They sell it both in-store and online for $17.98. It comes with 5 blades, and it’s time to pick up more, you can get a 30-pack of the proprietary razor blades for less than $10.

Toughbuilt Retractable Scraper Utility Knife Specs

  • Model: Toughbuilt TB-H4S5-01
  • Handle Type: Triple injected plastic
  • Number of Blades Included: 5
  • Folding: No
  • On-Tool Blade Storage: No
  • Snap-Off Blade: No
  • Retractable: Yes
  • Handle Length: 6 in.
  • Blade Length: 2.2 in.
  • Blade Material: Steel
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Price: $17.98

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