May 9, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Level Reviews, Measuring & Squares

The following reviews of measuring tools includes tape measures, box levels, squares, and laser measuring devices. That last category is becoming more and more extravagant. Advanced laser measures can be used for both distance as well as calculating volume and area from multiple measurements. For level reviews, new measuring tools include laser systems that can generate horizontal, vertical, and plumb lines simultaneously. Level Reviews, Squares & Measuring Tools on the Jobsite Aside from the tools mentioned above, we also review new smart tools with Bluetooth functionality so tradesmen can understand what works—and what’s gimmicky. There’s also the new Bosch digital levels, Milwaukee InkZall liquid paint markersEmpire Level laser etched squares, and the Fluke VT02 Visual Infrared IR thermometer. As technology improves, our reviews continue to analyze and compare modern tools against the trade and true performers. In this way we can see if new advances improve or just make more complex the tools we use. The last thing we want is to slow down the process of layout and measuring.

Bosch Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Lasers

Green Beam Technology 4x Brighter Bosch has two green lasers in their laser level lineup that expand its existing lineup with affordable extended-range models. The Bosch Self-Leveling Green Cross-Line Lasers run on AA batteries but deliver range out to 165-ft. That’s a 65% increase in range over models like the popular GCL100-80CG. Bosch on the […]

Zircon SuperScan K3 Stud Finder

Zircon SuperScan K3 Stud Finder

Zircon Makes Big Advances in Stud Finding with SuperScan K3 Zircon has the next evolution in stud finding technology primed and ready to hit the jobsite any day now. Tuned to find wood studs while simultaneously filtering out all things metallic, the Zircon Superscan K3 Stud Finder virtually eliminates false positive stud indications to give […]

Empire Laser Levels

Empire eLGC and eLG3D Green Laser Levels

Empire Green Laser Levels Maximize Brightness and Runtime Empire Level plans to drop two new Self-Leveling Lasers on us in November. At first glance, we can view this as a positive thing for folks who want a great combination of visibility and accuracy on a budget. The 75′ Green Self-Leveling Cross Line Laser and 125′ […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Klein Tools 93LCLG Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser

Klein Tools 93LCLG Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser with Plumb Spot

Klein Tools has offered cross-line laser levels for several years, but the Klein Tools Self-Leveling Green Cross Line Laser Level with Red Plumb Spot is the company’s first with a green diode. Green lasers are nearly four times brighter than their red counterpart. Unfortunately, this also made them, until now at least, much more expensive. […]

Milwaukee Cross Line Laser Level Review

Milwaukee Cross Line Laser Level Review

Milwaukee Cross Line Laser Levels Will Leave Others Green with Envy BOOM! Just like that, Milwaukee Pipeline Episode #2 is in the books and we’ve got everything you need to know about the Milwaukee cross line laser level lineup! Pros Green beams in all laser levels Two power sources to choose from—M12 or RedLithium USB […]

Milwaukee Magnetic I-Beam Level

Milwaukee Magnetic I-Beam Levels

Milwaukee Grows Layout Solutions with Magnetic I-Beam Levels Joining an already robust Milwaukee RedStick level lineup, Milwaukee Magnetic I-Beam Levels promise affordable rock-solid construction and accuracy to tackle tough job sites. Key Features Each of the Milwaukee I-Beam Levels features an all-metal frame and shock-proof vial covers. We hope these vials can withstand drops, bumps, […]

Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure

Craftsman Upgrade Extends Blade Standout Craftsman has upgraded the Pro 25 ft tape measure. The CMHT37565LW Craftsman Pro Reach 25 tape measure should appeal to the Pro and DIYer alike with its 14 ft standout, wide blade, and improved durability. Craftsman CMHT37565LW Key Features The Craftsman Pro Reach 25 ft Tape Measure features 14 ft […]

Klein Laser Line Bubble Level

Klein Laser Line Bubble Level with 75-ft Range

Klein Makes Finding Level Simple in Any Situation The Klein LBL100 Laser Line Bubble Level projects a horizontal laser line and spot parallel to the base of the level up to 75 feet. Combined with a handful of other features, this level looks like an effective tool for a variety of situations. Having already reviewed […]

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Grading

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit Hands-On Review

Pacific Laser Systems Packs Everything You Need in One Box with the PLS HV2R Combo Kit Rotary lasers are helpful in a variety of construction applications when you need an accurate layout. Cross line lasers can work, but they don’t always have the range you need and dialing in the right slope can be challenging. […]