June 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Level Reviews, Measuring & Squares

The following reviews of measuring tools includes tape measures, box levels, squares, and laser measuring devices. That last category is becoming more and more extravagant. Advanced laser measures can be used for both distance as well as calculating volume and area from multiple measurements. For level reviews, new measuring tools include laser systems that can generate horizontal, vertical, and plumb lines simultaneously. Level Reviews, Squares & Measuring Tools on the Jobsite Aside from the tools mentioned above, we also review new smart tools with Bluetooth functionality so tradesmen can understand what works—and what’s gimmicky. There’s also the new Bosch digital levels, Milwaukee InkZall liquid paint markersEmpire Level laser etched squares, and the Fluke VT02 Visual Infrared IR thermometer. As technology improves, our reviews continue to analyze and compare modern tools against the trade and true performers. In this way we can see if new advances improve or just make more complex the tools we use. The last thing we want is to slow down the process of layout and measuring.

Klein Laser Line Bubble Level

Klein Laser Line Bubble Level with 75-ft Range

Klein Makes Finding Level Simple in Any Situation The Klein LBL100 Laser Line Bubble Level projects a horizontal laser line and spot parallel to the base of the level up to 75 feet. Combined with a handful of other features, this level looks like an effective tool for a variety of situations. Having already reviewed […]

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Grading

PLS HV2R Rotary Laser Combo Kit Hands-On Review

Pacific Laser Systems Packs Everything You Need in One Box with the PLS HV2R Combo Kit Rotary lasers are helpful in a variety of construction applications when you need an accurate layout. Cross line lasers can work, but they don’t always have the range you need and dialing in the right slope can be challenging. […]

Crescent Lufkin Extendable Square and Layout Tool EX6

Crescent Lufkin Extendable Square and Layout Tool EX6

Crescent Lufkin Extendable Square Offers Pivotal New Feature In another one of those “why didn’t I think of that and then retire?” moments, the Crescent Lufkin extendable square is making us rethink what squares we carry. Essentially, it’s a 7-inch rafter square (or speed square, Swanson’s proprietary and super-common name for these) with a pivoting […]

Review9.2(out of 10)
Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Level Review - SK106GDNAX

Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Level Review – SK106GDNAX

Makita Green Cross-Line Laser Features High Visibility, Crazy-Long Runtime In all phases of construction, the three fundamental principles of level, plumb, and square have guided builders for ages. From the architects of the pyramids to the modern-day builders of superstructures, these principles form the foundations they built upon. Man has invented numerous tools/methods over the […]

Review9.3(out of 10)
Empire Level Digital Box Level: 48-Inch e105.48

Empire Level Digital Box Level: 48-Inch e105.48

It’s quite rare that tools don’t change much from one decade to the next, to say nothing of one century to the next. But the bubble, or spirit, level has been used in much the same way since the late 1600s. It’s really only been during the last few years that technology has attempted to […]

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level with Optivision Red

Kapro 705 Eagle Contractor Box Level with Optivision Red Lets Masons Focus on Higher Visibility Kapro’s latest addition to the line of Optivision Red levels is the Kapro 705 Eagle, a box level specially engineered for concrete and masonry applications that’s also helpful for carpentry, roofing, and flooring. What’s the Big Deal? The first thing […]

Milwaukee Wide Blade Tape Measures Have Longer Standout

Milwaukee Wide Blade Tape Measures Have Longer Standout

This year Milwaukee Tool redesigned their STUD Tape Measures. They also added new Wide Blade Tape Measures and Compact Tape Measures. Advances include more durability and standout that reaches as far as 14 feet! The Milwaukee Wide Blade tape measures stood out (pun intended) as the most impressive of the bunch. We’ve seen several great […]

Empire Level em105.9 Magnetic Digital Torpedo Level

Empire Level em105.9 Torpedo Level Goes Full Digital for Electricians Empire Level is going full digital with its latest level. The Empire Level em105.9 is a 9″ magnetic digital torpedo level and the big deal is its lack of vials. A Tour Around the Empire Level em105.9 Digital Torpedo Level Power Source The Empire Level […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels

Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels Review

Milwaukee RedStick Expanding Levels offer wide expansion ranges for truing building components and objects separated by a span. I’ve been working with both sizes on several of our jobs including a complete gut and remodel as well as an addition. More than a few features impressed me and make these tools something you may want […]