Irwin Strait-Line Chalk Reels

Irwin Strait-Line Chalk Reels

We love Irwin tools and their Vise-Grip locking pliers remain one of our favorite go-to tools. Of course, their Marples woodworking chisels are a force to be reckoned with. Irwin continues to update their Strait-Line chalk reels. The newest Irwin Strait-Line Chalk Reels feature durable bodies, steel handles, and 100 feet of line. Irwin engineered the Mach6, Speed-Line, SpeedLine Pro, and Aluminum chalk reels to address a variety of needs and users.

The Big Deal – Internal and External Tweaked Designs

While Irwin has been making their Strait-Line chalk reels seemingly forever, they always seem to find room for improvement. This go-around we see some attention paid to adding overmolding to the SpeedLine PRO chalk reels. They also tweaked the spool design to further reduce chalk clumping and line jamming. When you feed out dozens of feet of line and reel it back in all day long on roofing or framing applications—a jam-free system definitely helps.

Irwin Mach6 Chalk Reel

Mach6 aluminum

The Irwin Mach6 Chalk Reel possesses the quickest attraction with a 6:1 gear system. It also includes a metal body and 100 feet of high-performance polyester/nylon line. Irwin claims the Mach6 can deliver up to 6 strikes per pull.

The Irwin Mach6 chalk reel also includes added features like an EZ access door on the back which allows you to more easily unclog blockages or swap out the line. A twist-off cap for refilling chalk and a wide-prong hook make this a compelling new product.


  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Model: IWHT48445
  • Line size: 100 ft.
  • Chalk color: Blue or Red (permanent)

SpeedLine PRO Chalk Reel

speedline pro

The SpeedLine PRO Chalk Reel comes with a 6:1 gear system. It also features a lightweight ABS plastic body with overmold. Inside, you get 100 feet of high-performance polyester/nylon line.

SpeedLine PRO chalk reels also include the easy-fill twist-off cap and wide-prong hook that will hold onto the edge of the workpiece even when the chalk line is held at an angle.


  • Housing: ABS plastic w/overmold
  • Model: IWHT48443
  • Line size: 100 ft.
  • Chalk color: Blue or Red (permanent)

Irwin SpeedLine Chalk Reel

Irwin Strait-Line SpeedLine chalk reel

Irwin’s SpeedLine Chalk Reel has a 3:1 gear ratio and a traditional lightweight ABS plastic body. Inside the case is 100 feet of polyester line that Irwin claims will deliver up to 5 strikes per pull. The large refill door makes it easy to reload, so you don’t spill chalk all over.


  • Housing: ABS plastic
  • Model: IWHT48442
  • Line size: 100 ft.
  • Chalk color: Blue or Red (permanent)

Strait-Line Classic Aluminum

Strait-Line Classic 100 ft Chalk Reel

The more basic Aluminum Strait-Line Classic chalk reel features a redesigned solid aluminum body and steel handle. It uses a traditional 1:1 gear ratio and includes 100 feet of polyester line.


  • Housing: Aluminum
  • Model: IWHT48441
  • Line size: 100 ft.
  • Chalk color: Blue or Red (permanent)
Irwin Mach6 Strait-Line SpeedLine PRO Chalk Reels

Final Thoughts

The Irwin Strait-line series of chalk reels give you just about any option you could ask for when snapping lines. We’ve used several of these throughout the years and have found them to hold up well. In particular, I love the wide fill opening and extra-wide hook. They wind and unwind easily, and if you want a super-quick rewind, you can’t beat the 6:1 Mach6 geared system.

With a retail price range of $4.98 to $14.98, you can find a chalk reel for any budget. Pick one of these up at your local home improvement warehouse, Irwin Tools dealer, or hardware store.

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Danford Williams

Don’t waste your money this product is junk. I am sure they have people to test these product out . Spend all that money and it doesn’t last two weeks. They have to know that the gears jam up . If you are going to spend all that money you should get a better product. Hope they do something better real soon ,until then don’t bother . If you do I told you so.


Well, I got online just to find reviews on Irwin Straight Line chalk boxes, as my 1:1 metal Irwin chalk box that is shaped like a plumb bob say, bought in 2014, is NOT satisfactory. The line will many a time get stuck pulling it out, causing someone else on the scene to have to fish out their box while I fidget with it and… I need a new box. The problem is the string winds in on the reel so loose the line cuts through to the core of the wheel while pulling it out again and it gets… Read more »

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