October 22, 2021

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Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels with One-Way Refill Valve

Crescent Lufkin Redesigns Chalk Reels to Relieve Pain Points Chalks Reels have a deserved reputation for messiness. Crescent Lufkin contends that messiness is only half the problem. A lot of chalk reels also tend toward being inefficient and poorly built. That doesn’t seem the case with the Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel. The company designed this […]

Milwaukee Chalk Reel Gets a Hook Upgrade

Milwaukee Chalk Reel Gets a Hook Upgrade

Do you own one of the Milwaukee chalk reel models that came out last year? If so, you’re likely among those that have a common complaint – the hook. When you use a nail or screw as a contact point for your chalk reel, it needs to have the same accuracy as the hook along with […]

Klein Tools NTD team

Irwin Tools 2015 Media Event

We got to visit Irwin Tools this year in Huntersville, NC to help them celebrate their 6th annual National Tradesman Day at the Irwin Tools 2015 Media Event. Irwin is a 13 year old brand—but only because Newell acquired it in 2002. If you take into account some of the companies that fall under the related brands, like Irwin, […]

DeWalt Chalk Reels from Premium to Large Capacity

A chalk reel is a chalk reel, right? Eh, if you’re shopping in the bargain bin perhaps. A chalk reel is like a good speed square or level in that it’s an integral part of just about any job site. We’ve reviewed IRWIN Strait-Line Chalk Reels, and DeWalt’s lineup is taking that head-on. Their new chalk reels run […]

Irwin Strait Line chalk reels

Irwin Strait Line Chalk Reels

The recently updated Irwin Strait-line series of chalk reels all feature redesigned bodies, steel handles and larger center clutches to give better performance. The Mach6″, Speed-Line Pro”, Speed-Line” and the Aluminum chalk reels were all specifically engineering to make them more innovative, faster and tougher.