Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels with One-Way Refill Valve

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

Crescent Lufkin Redesigns Chalk Reels to Relieve Pain Points

Chalks Reels have a deserved reputation for messiness. Crescent Lufkin contends that messiness is only half the problem. A lot of chalk reels also tend toward being inefficient and poorly built. That doesn’t seem the case with the Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel. The company designed this tool to redeem chalk reels from the problems that tend to plague its competitors.

10-Second Summary

  • Models: Crescent Lufkin CL100 (100′), CL50 (50′), CL150 (150′)
  • Available in dual material or aluminum
  • Nesting end hook
  • Fold-away handle
  • 6:1 gear ratio on 100′ chalk reel, 3:1 gear ratio on 50′ reel
  • One-way chalk refill valve
  • Available in five colors, including Hard Mark Blue
  • Price Range: $6.99 to $12.99 (50′ and 100′ respectively)

Clean Lines

The 100-foot Professional Crescent Lufkin Tape Reels come in either dual material or aluminum cases. They feature an end hook that nests into the case, protecting it from snags and damage.

The rotating hub lock stops the line in place, while the rotating hub employs a 6:1 gear ratio for faster rewinds. The handle also folds away when not in use.

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

One-Way Chalk Refill Valve

For cleanliness, Crescent Lufkin gives the CLO100 Chalk Reel a one-way chalk refill valve. You just poke the chalk into the end and squeeze… We hadn’t seen this before, and it seems to make refills quick and nearly mess-free.

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

The CL150 150-Foot Site Reel features a snap-in end hook that stores away for fewer tangles during storage. A combination hook and ring design make this chalk reel even easier to start. Then they added a textured handle for better ergonomics.

Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reel

The Crescent Lufkin CL50 50-Foot Compact Reel easily fits into a pocket your best tool belt (shameless plug—but you should read it anyway). It offers a 3:1 reel for faster rewind times. The fold-away handle locks the retrieval arm in place to prevent damage or accidental unreeling.


The 100-Foot Professional Chalk Reel starts at $10.99, while the 50-Foot Compact Chalk Reel starts at $6.99. The 150-Foot Site Reel looks to be around $27.50.

The Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels come in five colors, and now feature a Hard Mark Blue Chalk that appears 3x more visible than your standard chalk line. You can pick up refills in 8 oz. and 2.5 oz. sizes.

For more information about the Crescent Lufkin Chalk Reels, visit the website by clicking here.

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