Best DeWalt Chalk Reels

A chalk reel is a chalk reel, right? Eh, if you’re shopping in the bargain bin perhaps. A chalk reel is like a good speed square or level in that it’s an integral part of just about any job site. We’ve reviewed IRWIN Strait-Line Chalk Reels, and DeWalt’s lineup is taking that head-on. Their new chalk reels run the gamut from your basic model to premium reels with helical gearing and metal bodies.

The Premium Chalk Reel (DWHT 47270) and Large Capacity Chalk Reel (DWHT 47252) models feature gear ratios reminiscent of fishing reels that give you faster line retrieval. The Die Cast Chalk Reel (WDHT 47256) even has a tear drop design that doubles as a plumb bob.  The Premium and Die Cast Chalk Reels are designed with metal housings for even greater durability.

Here’s a breakdown of what DeWalt has to offer so you can decide for yourself which features and prices best suit your needs. Check out the video below for more information or visit DeWALT’s website.

Premium Chalk Reel DWHT472704620505_DWHT47246_500

  • 6:1 Gear Ratio
  • 100′ Line
  • Helical Gearing
  • Sealed Gear System
  • Interlocking Hook
  • Cast Metal Body
  • Kit Includes Red Chalk (DWHT47246L)
  • $14.97 (Reel Only), $15.97 (Reel and Chalk)

Large Capacity Chalk Reel DWHT472524620530_DWHT47252_500

  • 3:1 Gear Ratio
  • 150′ Line
  • Helical Gearing
  • Sealed Gear System
  • Hook and Ring Attachment
  • Durable ABS Body with Overmold
  • $29.97

Compact Chalk Reel  Kit DWHT47257L4620461_DWHT47257_500

  • Compact Size
  • 30′ Braided Line
  • Belt Clip
  • Kit Includes Blue Chalk
  • $5.97

Die Cast Chalk Reel DWHT472564620439_DWHT47309_500

  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Housing
  • Felt Gasket (Improves chalk distribution)
  • Stainless Steel Hook and Crank Arm
  • Tear Drop Shape Allows for Use as a Plumb Bob
  • 100′ Line
  • Kit Includes Blue or Red Chalk (DWHT47309L)
  • $4.97 (Reel Only) , 5.97 (Reel and Chalk)

Chalk Reel DWHT471433770591_DWHT47143_1(500)

  • Open Access Fill Door
  • Stainless Steel Hook and Crank Arm
  • High Impact ABS Housing
  • Over Molded Soft Grip
  • 100′ Heavy Duty Line
  • Kit Includes Blue or Red Chalk (DWHT47142)
  • $8.97 (Reel Only), $9.97 (Reel and Chalk)

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