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Milwaukee M12 Green Single-Plane Laser

Milwaukee Green Laser

Adding to the already extensive lineup of Milwaukee cross line laser levels, the company is releasing the M12 Green Single-Plane Laser (3631-21). Built for focused leveling applications, they claim that the newest edition in the M12 laser lineup delivers more power and visibility than previous models, as well as an easier setup.

Milwaukee M12 Green Single-Plane Laser – The Big Deal

The M12 Green Single-Plane Laser offers users over 30 hours of continuous run-time when used with the M12 RedLithium XC 4.0 battery. This is a step up from previous Milwaukee laser models, like the M12 Green 3-Plane Laser, which offers 15+ hours of continuous run-time. Given the fact that green lasers consume more power than their red counterparts, the 30+ hour run-time of the new 3631-21 M12 laser is especially impressive and exceeds that of any other laser in the M12 series.

The Milwaukee M12 Green Single-Plane laser comes with a tether-ready lanyard loop, which helps minimize drops. Like other Milwaukee lasers in the M12 series, it is also impact-resistant up to 1m.

The M12 3631-21 laser will come as a bare tool or as a kit. The kit includes the laser, target, track clip, M12 XC 4.0 RedLithium battery pack, charger, and a carrying case.

Milwaukee M12 Green Single-Plane Laser- Additional Features

  • Up to 250-ft diameter visibility
  • Fits all M12 Batteries
  • Secure hold with amplified rare earth magnets
  • Setup on any surface

Price and Availability

The Milwaukee M12 Green Single-Plane Laser 3631-21 will be available in May 2022. The bare tool retails for $399, and the kit retails for $479. Both versions come with a 3-year warranty. You can purchase this product at Acme Tools or any authorized Milwaukee Tool dealer.


  • Model: 3631-21
  • Working range: 125 ft 
  • Range w/detector: 165 ft
  • Accuracy: +/- 1/8-inch @ 33 ft
  • Thread mount: ¼-inch-20 & 5/8-inch-11 
  • Locking pendulum 
  • Self-Leveling: +/- 4º Tilt 
  • IP rating: IP54 
  • Class 2 laser 

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