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Hand tools make up a large portion of the equipment we carry every day. Pro Tool reviews pays close attention to recent innovations. Our hand tool reviews include knives & cutting tools, wrenches, chisels, fastening tools, hammers, and more. These hand tools covers the gamut from one end of the industry to another. Possibly our favorite series is our best framing hammer review. In that head-to-head review we compared nine popular models. This type of comparison isn’t always possible, but we do test out these tools on the jobsite. Hand Tool Reviews for the Pro Tradesman This is also where you’ll find popular lighting products and even folding knives from Kershaw, CRKT, and Zero Tolerance. Even Milwaukee Tool has new Fastback knives for use by contractors and tradesmen in the field. We try to review as many of these types of tools as possible. This helps us remain a leader in reporting industry trends. This is particularly important when manufacturers add new features or make tweaks to their products. Sometimes they revamp an entire line. Other times they include something that only slightly improves a hand tool over a previous model. It all adds up.

Stiletto 12oz Titanium Remodeler Hammer Review

Stiletto 12 oz Titanium Remodeler Hammer Review

When we picked up the Stiletto TI12SC 12 oz titanium hammer we immediately compared it to some other hammers we use regularly. Also, these other hammers share some common qualities like hickory handles and straight rip claws. Editor’s Note: Check out the best framing hammer article we wrote for our top picks! Stiletto 12 oz […]

Channellock 412 pliers

Channellock 412 V-Jaw Pliers Preview

The new Channellock 6.5″ 412 V-Jaw tongue and groove pliers offer professionals and DIYers the same quality design and right-angle, maximum-bite grip as the larger V-Jaw pliers – only in a more compact frame making it easier to work with smaller piping and tubing.

Kershaw Zing 1735 Folding Knife Review

Kershaw Zing 1735 Knife Review

If you are a pocket knife kind of guy who is always on the lookout for innovative knives, then you need to check out Kershaw’s new folder knife. It’s called the Zing 1735 and it has a unique 3D machined blade. This folding pocket knife is made with special stainless steel and was designed by the famous knife designer RJ Martin.

Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

Rapid Tools Rapid Warrior Utility Knife Set Review

The Rapid Warrior is the latest transformer-like utility knife tool from Rapid Tools. With a flick of a lever and a turn of a knob, you can go from razor knife to keyhole saw to a hacksaw.  With quick, no tool blade changes, DIYers and homeowners will find this tool handy to keep in a toolbox or drawer. We first […]

Black and Decker Lids Off Jar Opener

Black and Decker Lids Off Jar Opener Preview

I’m almost apologetic about posting this first look on what is essentially a can opener, but sometimes a tool is so unbelievably bizarre that it warrants some attention. This is such a tool. Now, while opening jars is hardly exciting, how many times have you seen someone struggle with this common task that most of us take for granted. The Black & Decker Lids Off Jar Opener is designed, not for those who reach for the nearest hammer, knife, or screwdriver to ease stubborn lids, but those that simply can’t perform this simple, everyday task. And it does it for less than $20!

Kobalt 10-Piece SAE Combination Wrench Set Review

Kobalt 10-Piece SAE Combination Wrench Set Review

Kobalt’s 10-Piece SAE Combination Wrench Set is made in USA and includes 10 different SAE sized wrenches from 1/4-inch to 7/8-inch. The wrenches are drop forged and have a nice textured grip so that they won’t easily slip out of hand during use. We found that even when our hands were oily, the wrenches stayed put. They also worked very well with gloves, which is important if you’re used to working with hand protection.

Kobalt 11-Piece Pliers & Wrench Tool Set Review

Kobalt 11 Piece Wrench Set Review

I love comfortable hand tools. Whether its a nicely designed hammer, or a great handle on a screwdriver, a well-designed tool that fits your hand perfectly is all the more easier to use. The 11-piece Pliers & Wrench Tool Set from Kobalt Tools is beautiful to look at and easy to handle. Though these tools are made in China, they seem to have a decent heft and quality about them that lets you know they will be around for years to come.

Kobalt 154-Piece Socket Set Review

Kobalt 154 Piece Socket Set Review

Tools. Everybody needs a good set, and Kobalt Tools is aiming squarely at the consumer market with their new line of sockets. This 154-Piece Socket Set includes all of the basic and extended sockets you could want for basic automotive and household uses. One of the things that is a constant annoyance is not having deep sockets for use with carriage bolts or other situations that require a deeper socket to clear the end of a bolt. With the Kobalt Socket Kit you have a solid 2 inches of depth past the ratchet.

Powernail Model 50M Manual Floor Nailer

Powernail 50M Manual Floor Nailer

The Model 50M is a manual, single-blow nailer designed to use 18 gauge cleats. It is recommended for use on 3/8″, 1/2″ and 5/8″ tongue and groove flooring, as well as some 3/4″, exotic and solid wood flooring. The 50M uses a thinner 18 gauge cleat that is less likely to split the tongue on thinner woods and provides a reliable bond to the underlayment. This is a very robust nailer and it should do an incredible job at smaller jobs. We don’t recommend it for larger work over 300 sq. ft. as it will invariably produce lots of arm strain due to its reduced handle size and greater amount of required exertion over a pneumatic model.

Swanson T001WZ Framing Wizard Review

Swanson Framing Wizard T001WZ Review

Swanson took the age old framing square and made it into a folding, 5-in-1 layout tool they are calling the T001WZ Framing Wizard. This new tool makes space and functionality top priorities! Forget about trying to figure out where to keep your old square; now that you have this one available, you can fold it in half and throw it in your tool bag. With its versatile use, you can just whip it out and use it as a framing square, tri-square, miter square, angle finder or as a saw guide.