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Manufacturer: CRKT

We review the latest CRKT knives to show you the latest models. We cover which have innovative design features and which perform or hold an edge longer than the competition.

Review8.7(out of 10)

CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P Knife Review

If I had just one word to describe the CRKT Ruger Hollow Point +P it would be “Fast” and “Smooth.” Wait…that’s two words. Well, that’s because picking just either fast or smooth is like choosing which one of my two sons is my favorite. So let’s just say that these new models are both fast […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
CRKT Homefront Profile

CRKT Homefront with Field Strip Technology

I am an unabashed enthusiast of WWII history. I can thank my grandfather for that. He was an airplane mechanic for the Army Air Corps in the Pacific and I was a kid fascinated with flight. I’d check out a WWII aircraft book from the library before going up for a visit and he would […]

CRKT Forged By War - CRKT Clever Girl 2

CRKT Forged By War Program

Typically here at Pro Tool Reviews, we just cover EDC style knives. We all carry some form of blade whether it’s a folder, multi-tool, utility knife, or even the occasional fixed blade. While I personally like to carry something tactical that can double as an EDC, our niche isn’t necessarily the defensive/tactical market. If I’m […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
CRKT Ruger All-Cylinders Family Portrait

CRKT Ruger All-Cylinders Review

When CRKT announced their partnership with Ruger to create a line of knives that would represent the firearms manufacturer’s reputation, I was excited. I’m already a fan of Ruger’s Mark III Target Pistol and my son is learning to shoot on a Mark II. Looking through the line of knives, I found models appropriate for […]

CRKT Ruger Knives

Ruger Knives Expands Lineup with CRKT

CRKT Teams Up with Ruger Knives to Produce Must Have Designs What happens when you combine the knife-making geniuses at CRKT and match them up with legendary firearms manufacturer, Ruger? You get some of the most desired knives to hit the market this year. The new Ruger knives, designed and manufactured by CRKT, feature the same […]

Personal Defense - Where the Jobsite and Legal Rights Collide

Personal Defense: Where Legal Rights and Jobsites Collide

Weapons in the Workplace: Legal Right or Liability? Let me start by saying I know the issue of personal defense and safety is a hot button issue. I am well aware that most people are passionately on one side of the argument or the other. In fact, I’ve been on both sides. As I’ve researched […]

Review8.7(out of 10)
CRKT Outrage Featured Image

CRKT Outrage Review: Ken Onion Continues to Impress

Regarding the CRKT Outrage, the company’s website says “Product Coming Soon.” What it should really say is “Not Coming Soon Enough.” If Ken Onion’s latest CRKT creation comes tomorrow, it’s still not soon enough. Since CRKT was kind enough to send me an early sample before they become available nest month, let me whet your […]

Review7.6(out of 10)
Snap-On Rave Open

Snap-On Rave From CRKT and Ken Onion Review

Snap-On teamed up with CRKT and Ken Onion to develop a shop knife that’s not afraid to get itself into applications that your nicer EDC’s would rather not find themselves in. The Snap-On Rave is built to work in a shop and be as tough as the pros that are also working there. We got […]

Ken Onion Signed CRKT Ripple knife

Ken Onion Signed CRKT Ripple Giveaway

Sign up for Our Newsletter and You’re Entered! We’ve got a really great giveaway this month! All you need to do is join our newsletter, and you’re automatically entered to win a CRKT Ripple signed by none other than Ken Onion himself! This giveaway Prize Pack includes: Ken Onion signed CRKT Ripple knife in Black Aluminum CRKT ball cap Sign […]

Review8.9(out of 10)
CRKT Hootenanny Open

CRKT Hootenanny: Ken Onion’s Combo Knife

CRKT Hootenanny by Ken Onion Ken Onion, you just made my entire month better! I need a new knife like I need a hole in the head, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting one when something really great comes out. There was something about the look – that two tone black and gun metal […]