October 24, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Manufacturer: CRKT

We review the latest CRKT knives to show you the latest models. We cover which have innovative design features and which perform or hold an edge longer than the competition.

Review9.1(out of 10)
CKRT Argus Black Open

CRKT Argus Black Review

Argus was the name of the 100 eyed servant of Hera in Greek mythology. His most notable task was to guard lo, the nymph disguised as a white heifer, from Zeus. Zeus had been working with lo to establish a new order among the gods. Hera, Zeus’ wife, tried to alleviate that by having Argus […]

CRKT Sting 3B

CRKT Sting 3B by A.G. Russell

Just in case my love for them might be waning (and it’s not, by the way), CRKT surprised me with a new knife to share with you. This time, it’s the Sting 3B by A.G. Russell. This fixed blade beauty is design to be a tactical and survival knife. I took a look at the […]

CRKT Cobia

CRKT Cobia Review

When the mid-year product lineup showed up in my inbox, I immediately gravitated toward the CRKT Cobia folder. As one of the newest spring assisted folding knives in their lineup, the Cobia is very attractive. CRKT collaborated with Matthew Lerch on the Cobia’s design. According to CRKT, the Cobia “will make you look good, even […]

Tucker Trailmaster

CRKT and North American Arms Tucker Trailmaster

CRKT and North American Arms Team Up for the Tucker Trailmaster Combo Set Our friends at CRKT and North American Arms (which several of us would like to be friends with!) have teamed up to offer a combination set that includes the NAA .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver and CRKT Free Range Hunter Fixed Blade knife. Okay, […]

CRKT Graphite

CRKT Graphite Folding Knife

Among the mid-year products coming from Tualatin, Oregon is the CRKT Graphite. It is a folding knife designed by Glenn Klecker that looks really sharp (insert groan for the pitiful attempt at knife humor). All joking aside, since that’s not the point of the article… (insert another groan) The Graphite’s attractiveness lies in its contrast […]

Review9.3(out of 10)

CRKT Fossil Review: Perfectly Preserved

The conversation went something like this: “Hey, a package arrived for you. I wasn’t aware that you took a side job as a dragon slayer.” That brought a smile to my face since I knew the only thing that could possibly inspire that kind of reaction was the CRKT Fossil folder. While you’ll find the […]

Review7.8(out of 10)
CRKT Carajas knife mechanism

CRKT Ikoma Carajas Knife Review

How true it is that great things take time. I can remember the first baseball mitt I received as a kid. It was stiff, clumsy and frustrating. Every time I tried to catch the dumb ball, it popped out because I didn’t have the gorilla-like strength needed to squeeze the painfully stiff leather. After weeks […]

CRKT M21-02GL Left Handed Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

CRKT M21-02GL Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

For $40, you can’t beat this knife. The CRKT M21-02GL-Kit Carson Design is a tactical, plain-edge, folding knife for left-handers that features the company’s AutoLAWKS technology and G10 handle. This is not a blade-assisted knife but with the flipper, there is really no need for one. With the G10 handle, the knife is built like a tank. It is heavy for a small knife, but it fits perfectly in your pocket. It also offers a perfect balance between the blade and the handle, which makes the M21-02GL feel stable and strong. There are no wobbles on this knife and the flipper acts as a blade guard when opened, which is an absolute necessity on a tactical knife. There are plenty of expensive tactical knives on the market, but the CRKT M21-02GL offers an uncanny amount of quality for the price.

CRKT Shenanigan PPS Ken Onion Knife Review

CRKT Shenanigan PPS Ken Onion Knife Review

I always have a knife in my pocket. I have to, because I work at Southeastern University in their Production studio – a place that is always needing a random tool or knife to open, pry, fix, or otherwise get into something or other. And sometimes I have to swap knives in between jobs or events, depending on what I’m doing. Since I’ve had been carrying the CRKT Shenanigan PPS, I haven’t swapped out for one of my other regular carry knives at all. This knife is basically the Power-player blade I didn’t think existed. The combination of two legendary knife makers (CRKT and Ken Onion) makes for one incredible knife.

CRKT M16-12ZER EMT Tanto Knife Review

CRKT M16-12ZER EMT Tanto Knife Review

Blaze orange handles, a high polish stainless steel blade and special built-in features like a strap cutter and carbide window breaker make the CRKT M16-12ZER ideal for the emergency first responder. Even the hollow ground Tanto style blade with serrations conveys a sense of urgency and purpose. For the Average Pro, at first glance this knife might seem like overkill; but after we spent some time with it clipped in our pants, we started to think otherwise. The Tanto is built with all the function and construction of a tactical field knife, but without the subdued colors and black blade. While you might think that its loud looks and ever so slightly large sizing might intimidate people when you whip it out to open a box, the orange actually serves to deter people from noting that this is a tactical style knife. I suppose that’s part of this particular CRKT knife’s charm. And who’s to say you might not be the first one to an emergency situation? This knife could bring you to a whole new level of preparedness.