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Review8.6(out of 10)

Snap On Wrinkle Knife Review

This is my first Snap-on knife review and I am pleased with the Wrinkle pocket knife.  This Snap On Wrinkle knife is a partnership with CRKT for the manufacturing and Ken Onion for the design.  This is a review on both of the knives I received, but because the only difference is size, this review will […]

Zero Tolerance 0350SW Knife Review

You’ve seen the movie Crocodile Dundee, right? If you haven’t, check it out sometime. It’s an 80s classic. What makes this movie so special for all knife lovers is the following scene, a scene that made me a knife fanatic: Flash back to 1986. Mick Dundee and his “Sheila” (That’s Australian for girlfriend.) walk outside […]

Review7.4(out of 10)
TOPS Knives Mil-SPIE knife blade

Tops Mil-SPIE 3.5 Folding Knife Review

When we first got the Tops Mil-SPIE 3.5 folding knife we weren’t sure what to make of it. We didn’t even understand what the name designation meant. Military Spec? This was a knife that had us pondering on a number of levels. As it turns out, a little research goes a long way. The name […]

Review7.8(out of 10)
CRKT Carajas knife mechanism

CRKT Ikoma Carajas Knife Review

How true it is that great things take time. I can remember the first baseball mitt I received as a kid. It was stiff, clumsy and frustrating. Every time I tried to catch the dumb ball, it popped out because I didn’t have the gorilla-like strength needed to squeeze the painfully stiff leather. After weeks […]

Review8.5(out of 10)
sog twitch II angled clip

SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle Knife Review

This might surprise you, but people who work at churches don’t normally carry knives, much less write knife reviews. So you can understand my dilemma when I walk into a meeting with fellow parishioners carrying a knife that could be used to take on angry muggers in a back alley brawl. I, for one, love […]

Review9.0(out of 10)
Kershaw Cryo II knife

Kershaw Cryo II Knife Review – Small, More Compact

The story of this knife actually gets its start in 2012 when the original Kershaw Cryo won the Blade Show best buy of the year based on its price to quality ratio. The Cryo took the stage with its brilliant design and wallet-friendly cost ($25 online), but the knife community had one more request—the same […]

Benchmade 300SN AXIS Flipper Review

I’m always thinking of ways to combine things that I love. In fact, that’s partially how I came into reviewing knives. Knives have always fascinated me, and I happen to do a lot of writing as part of my job and the seminary training I’m currently undergoing, as I pursue a Masters of Divinity degree. […]

Blackhawk Point Man and Hornet II Folding Knives

The Blackhawk Point Man and Hornet II Folding Knives are two, buttery smooth opening midsize folding knives that are excellent candidates for everyday carry. And I do love a good every day carry (EDC) knife. The knives are somewhat similar, both in terms of price and their tactical stylings. Both blades are made from black […]

SOG PowerDuo Review: a Multi-Tool with a Full-size Knife

“Aren’t there enough multi-tools in the world—whoa, that’s really cool!” As I held it in my hand for the first time, this was my reaction to the SOG PowerDuo. What caused this kind of reaction? Keep reading. There’s a lot here to get excited about. At first glance, the SOG PowerDuo stands out from other […]

CRKT M21-02GL Left Handed Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

CRKT M21-02GL Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

For $40, you can’t beat this knife. The CRKT M21-02GL-Kit Carson Design is a tactical, plain-edge, folding knife for left-handers that features the company’s AutoLAWKS technology and G10 handle. This is not a blade-assisted knife but with the flipper, there is really no need for one. With the G10 handle, the knife is built like a tank. It is heavy for a small knife, but it fits perfectly in your pocket. It also offers a perfect balance between the blade and the handle, which makes the M21-02GL feel stable and strong. There are no wobbles on this knife and the flipper acts as a blade guard when opened, which is an absolute necessity on a tactical knife. There are plenty of expensive tactical knives on the market, but the CRKT M21-02GL offers an uncanny amount of quality for the price.