CRKT M21-02GL Left Handed Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

CRKT M21-02GL Kit Carson Folding Knife Review

For $40, you can’t beat this knife. The CRKT M21-02GL-Kit Carson Design is a tactical, plain-edge, folding knife for left-handers that features the company’s AutoLAWKS technology and G10 handle. This is not a blade-assisted knife but with the flipper, there is really no need for one. With the G10 handle, the knife is built like a tank. It is heavy for a small knife, but it fits perfectly in your pocket. It also offers a perfect balance between the blade and the handle, which makes the M21-02GL feel stable and strong. There are no wobbles on this knife and the flipper acts as a blade guard when opened, which is an absolute necessity on a tactical knife. There are plenty of expensive tactical knives on the market, but the CRKT M21-02GL offers an uncanny amount of quality for the price.