October 25, 2021

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Snap On Wrinkle Knife Review

PTR Review
  • Overall Design 7.0
  • Blade Sharpness (Out of the Box) 9.0
  • Blade Opening 9.5
  • Weight and Balance 9.0
  • Blade Closure 8.5

Ken Onion and CRKT created a fantastic EDC knife for Snap-on. Our only complaint is that the handle can get slick if the user's hands are wet or sweaty. Aside from that, we're very impressed with this offering from Snap-on.

Overall Score 8.6 (out of 10)

This is my first Snap-on knife review and I am pleased with the Wrinkle pocket knife.  This Snap On Wrinkle knife is a partnership with CRKT for the manufacturing and Ken Onion for the design.  This is a review on both of the knives I received, but because the only difference is size, this review will not go into detail on both of them.  However, I will give you my opinion on which one I enjoyed most.

Snap On Wrinkle Knife Design and Features

The Wrinkle is a Ken Onion design which features a full-belly blade, perfect for cutting typical EDC objects such as boxes, wires, letters, plastics, and any other home improvement needs.  I would be remiss if I did not include that Ken Onion is a very well known knife designer who has created some of my favorite knives over the years.  His Wrinkle design comes loaded with AUS 8 steel, which is very sharp out of the box, and well balanced with the handle.  Both the large and the small Wrinkles have an excellent feel to them.  In fact, the slight downward angle of the kinfe makes it ergonomic.  My son had a birthday party not long ago which meant I was slicing up boxes to fit in the recycling bin.  With the larger Wrinkle, the angle of the blade allowed me to power through each cut, which maximized the overall use of this tool – well done!  The AUS 8 is also a nice hard steel and the matte black corrosion resistant coating is good for those who want their knife to last.


The Snap On Wrinkle knife also features the IKBS Pivot Bearing System with flipper for fast opening.  The ease of opening a knife can make or break a product and the Wrinkle passes the test.  In fact, I enjoyed the flip so much that I had to do it again just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke the first go around.  Kudos to Snap-on for a quick and effective flipper mechanism.

The Wrinkle is a liner lock for those who want to be able to close the knife with one hand – mighty useful I might add.  The handles are made of cold forged 6061T6 Aluminum handles.  The larger (SE74) Wrinkle comes in 4 color choices and 8 for the smaller (SE67) version. Of the two knives I received, the larger came with the red handle and the smaller with black.  Both look aesthetically pleasing for sure (I think I like the black on black but I often get a kick out of the red handle as well).  The handles are really strong, but they are also light.  I am impressed with the balance of the knife and can feel a proportional difference given the blade is slightly heavier.  The handles are slick but to compensate, they are ridged to create grip.  This also gives the appearance of a stunning, tiger stripe look to the handle.


Overall I am pleasantly surprised with the Snap-on Wrinkle.  When I think of Snap-on, I don’t typically think of knives, so I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical when I received them.  This skepticism was immediately squelched, however, when I took it out, hit the flipper, and felt the rapid opening IKBS Pivot Bearing System.  This system works and I commend the Wrinkle for its simplicity of style and effortless opening.

I also like the weight of the blade compared to the handle.  The blade feels heavier but I like that because it helps with cutting.  Some knives have a heavier handle but in my opinion it hinders the usefulness of the knife.


Another thing to admire about the Snap On Wrinkle knife is the Ken Onion Design.  You know a company means business when they go out and get one of the foremost knife designers in the country to create for them.  That’s what Snap-on did when they asked Ken Onion and CRKT to design a knife for them and I credit him for a brilliant knife.

But like most knives, this one does have a flaw.  The Aluminum handles, although lightweight, and really cool looking, are too slick for my liking.  It pains me to say such a thing because everything else about the handle is terrific.  Both sizes fit well in the hand, are easy to open, and are comfortable in the pocket.  But the slick handle is a feature that must be corrected.  I live in Florida, and surprise… it gets hot in the summer.  Sweaty hand plus slick knife is a dangerous combination.



Overall, this is a great knife, suitable for your EDC needs.  It’s sharp, fast, lightweight, and durable.  I know I was brutally honest with my comment on the handle but I do carry this knife frequently.  I keep one on my workbench and the other by my nightstand to carry when I go out.  I wouldn’t buy it if you’re going to be outdoors, but I would  recommend this knife if you’re looking for something that looks good and lasts long.


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