SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle Knife Review

sog twitch II angled clip
PTR Review
  • Build Quality 9.0
  • Sharpenability 9.0
  • Features 7.0
  • Value 9.0

It's nice to see that a knife can be both sharp and sharp-looking at the same time. While it's most definitely for those who work indoors, it shouldn’t be limited to just this demographic. The rosewood-handled Twitch II only costs around $60, and I feel that price is worth the Rosewood handle inlays alone. Couple that with a solidly-built knife, and you have yourself a winner.

Overall Score 8.5 (out of 10)

This might surprise you, but people who work at churches don’t normally carry knives, much less write knife reviews. So you can understand my dilemma when I walk into a meeting with fellow parishioners carrying a knife that could be used to take on angry muggers in a back alley brawl. I, for one, love carrying a knife that could skin an elephant, but people in my office may not take too kindly to a knife of that size. You see, sometimes it’s nice to carry around a sophisticated and less intimidating blade that isn’t as utilitarian as something like the SOG PowerDuo multi-tool. But at the same time you don’t want a sissy knife! You want one that can handle your everyday carry needs. So what’s a man to do if he needs a knife that’s office-friendly? How can knife lovers maintain their hobby and also the security of their job? Let me introduce this little beauty from SOG: the Twitch II. If the small size and elegant lines weren’t enough, the SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle knife is also available for the ultimate sophisticate look.

executive folding knife

This little drop point is the perfect knife for someone in an office setting. It’s only 6.2 inches long when opened and 3.55 inches when closed, so its small stature and harmless appearance make it suitable for any non-TSA setting. But don’t let the looks of this knife fool you. The 2.65-inch full flat grind blade with AUS 8 steel tapers down into a vicious drop point edge, which makes slicing a breeze. If you’re a fan of the classic lock-bar, then this knife is right up your alley. I can really appreciate the retro look, and it matches the fit and finish of the overall knife. The Twitch II also features SOG’s S.A.T. (SOG Assisted Technology) blade assist opening mechanism. Opening the knife really is easy as pie, and it’s quick. It’s also fun to show people. One press of the “kick” and the blade passes through the locking mechanism and snaps into place with a diminished click. SOG uses a lockback which is an oldie, but goodie. It’s a small lever on the back of the handle that catches the tang of the blade and locks it in place. It’s very simple and secure.

sog twitch II lock

SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle Knife Features

The SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle knife was tested on pretty much all of the materials you can think of. First, I scrounged for anything and everything in the office to cut up. While I don’t necessarily recommend this as a preferred use of the blade, I started with an old credit card I needed to destroy. The shredder was across the hall and, well, I’m not one to let a testing opportunity go to waste. After slicing my credit card, I used it to carve up several pieces of computer paper. I was surprised that the knife continued to perform as well as it did because a credit card is hard on a knife. Between this test and other tasks the Twitch II performed very well. (We used it on wood as well as with lots of cardboard and other packaging materials.) In fact, this little knife really is a gem. It came out of the packaging sharp as a tack (actually sharper) and after running it through our Work Sharp knife and tool sharpener, it was ready to fillet a human hair. Overall, I was quite impressed.

Summing It Up

So what do I think of the SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle knife? For one, the Rosewood inlay is outstanding. I might recommend this knife based on its looks alone. I am a firm believer in diversifying one’s knife collection, so if you have the steel, titanium, and G-10 handles taken care of, then get the Twitch II and change it up a bit. But I have to be honest and say that I’m the kind of guy who just loves the wood look. My grandfather was a superb wood carving sculptor, and my father is a self-made carpenter. Their love for craftsmanship gave me the same kind of appreciation for good work. And the Rosewood inlays are good work.

sog twitch II handle

I also love the knife itself. Any blade that can make it through the testing I gave it is worth the price of owning. The handles are sleek, and the kick mechanism is simple and fast. And going back to my opening commentary—this knife has a look that is perfect for my office setting.

SOG Twitch II Rosewood Handle Knife Specifications

  • Type: Assisted Folder
  • Blade finish: Satin
  • Blade: Drop point
  • Edge: Straight
  • Blade steel: AUS-8
  • Blade thickness: 0.1 in.
  • Hardness: RC. 57-58
  • Handle: Rosewood
  • Belt clip: Low carry
  • Length (open): 6.2 in.
  • Length (closed): 3.55 in.
  • Length (blade): 2.65 in.
  • Weight: 2.6 oz.

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