Ruger Knives Expands Lineup with CRKT

CRKT Ruger Knives

CRKT Teams Up with Ruger Knives to Produce Must Have Designs

What happens when you combine the knife-making geniuses at CRKT and match them up with legendary firearms manufacturer, Ruger? You get some of the most desired knives to hit the market this year. The new Ruger knives, designed and manufactured by CRKT, feature the same quality materials we’re used to seeing blended with the rugged nature of Ruger. Featuring designs for EDC, survival, hunting, and tactical applications, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

“Ruger is focused on bringing affordable, rugged and reliable products to our consumer base. As we looked to expand our licensing program, we knew that we wanted a knife manufacturer that shared these goals. CRKT is a great fit.”

– Chris Killoy, Ruger President and COO

The partnership of CRKT and Ruger is a great fit as both company share the same purpose, to bring affordable, rugged and reliable products to each of their consumer base.

“When Ruger approached CRKT to work together on a knife line, we knew that it would be a perfect fit for the commercial sporting market. The parallels between how Ruger and CRKT serve the marketplace are uncanny. Pairing with an iconic American brand like Ruger was simply a no-brainer.”

– Rod Bremer, CRKT Chairman of the Board and Founder

The Ruger Knives by CRKT are crafted in varying sizes and finishes, with an assortment of blade edges. They have been developed by CRKT’s five master knife-smiths who combined their knowledge of the art with aesthetic details from Ruger firearms. The line offers unique Ruger knives with the kind of features every good knife should have.

“As soon as the announcement hit my desk, I wanted to get my hands on several of these new designs from CRKT and Ruger knives. I’m particularly fond of the All Cylinders and Crack Shot models with the revolver-esque bearing cover. If we could talk them into a Ruger pistol/knife combo, my Christmas list would have just one item. Be on the lookout for our review of the Ruger Knives All Cylinders in the next few weeks.”

– Kenny Koehler, Pro Tool Reviews Managing Editor

To learn more about the Ruger-branded knives, visit Ruger/CRKT page.

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