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Hand tools make up a large portion of the equipment we carry every day. Pro Tool reviews pays close attention to recent innovations. Our hand tool reviews include knives & cutting tools, wrenches, chisels, fastening tools, hammers, and more. These hand tools covers the gamut from one end of the industry to another. Possibly our favorite series is our best framing hammer review. In that head-to-head review we compared nine popular models. This type of comparison isn’t always possible, but we do test out these tools on the jobsite. Hand Tool Reviews for the Pro Tradesman This is also where you’ll find popular lighting products and even folding knives from Kershaw, CRKT, and Zero Tolerance. Even Milwaukee Tool has new Fastback knives for use by contractors and tradesmen in the field. We try to review as many of these types of tools as possible. This helps us remain a leader in reporting industry trends. This is particularly important when manufacturers add new features or make tweaks to their products. Sometimes they revamp an entire line. Other times they include something that only slightly improves a hand tool over a previous model. It all adds up.

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Drywall Saw Preview

Milwaukee Rasping Jab Saw Preview

Milwaukee introduced a new Rasping Jab Saw (Drywall Saw) as part of its new line of hand tool products. Eliminating the need for separate rasping and reaming tools, the new saw utilizes grating holes along the side of the blade to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges of sheetrock or drywall after a cut has been made.

Milwaukee 11 in 1 Multi-Tip Screwdriver Preview

Milwaukee Tools 11 in 1 Screwdriver Preview

The only screwdriver with the patented ECX bit and hardened tips, the Milwaukee 11 in 1 Screwdriver includes the 6 bits and 3 nut drivers most requested by professionals with the added utility of a wire stripper and wire bending hole. The Milwaukee ECX bit allows users to extend the life of their bits when fastening specialty screws found in electrical boxes, conduit couplers, outlets, and other common job site fixtures. The patented geometry gives the ECX bit this advantage over traditional Phillips or square bits.

Black & Decker Accu-Mark Level wall

Black & Decker BDSL10 36-Inch Accu-Mark Level Review

The Black & Decker BDSL10 36-Inch Accu-Mark Level makes it a simple task to precisely hang decorative items on your wall by taking all the guesswork out of where to position the hangers on the wall. Simple and effective solutions to common problems are things that we like to see in the tool world. When you add new functionality to an already versatile tool like a level, we think it is brilliant.

screwpop keychain tool

Screwpop 4-in-1 Keychain Tool Review

Screwpop 4-in-1 Keychain Tool is a handy little tool that helps you crank out the work during the day and, after hours, pop a cap on cold one. With a removable #2 Philips Head and flat head bits, a 1/4″ hex drive and a bottle opener, this would have definitely been something MacGyver could have pulled from his pocket.

Craftsman 1/4", 3/8" & 1/2" Drive Thin Profile Ratchets Review

Craftsman Low Profile Ratchets Review

Craftsman 1/4″, 3/8″ & 1/2″ Drive Thin Profile Ratchets give you the ability to reach in tight spaces. These ratchets have super comfortable handles and are covered entirely in high polished chrome. With a 60 tooth ratchet gear inside, you only have to move the ratchet 6 degrees to get it to index to the next “click.” This is significant because the regular Craftsman ratchets only have 36 tooth ratchet gears which means you have to move it 10 degrees.

Zircon MetalliScanner MT6 Review

Zircon MT6 MetalliScanner Review

Ever wonder if they put all the hurricane strapping in your house or if your concrete slab is reinforced with steel? Well you don’t have to wonder any more if you use a Zircon MT6 MetalliScanner. This tool will locate and indicate the approximate depth of both magnetic and non-magnetic metals up to 6″ deep in most all nonmetallic construction materials. With this tool, you can figure out where the metal is before your expensive drill bit or saw blade does.

Swanson TS149 9” Sliding T-Bevel Review

Swanson Sliding Bevel TS149 Review

The Swanson TS149 9″ Sliding T-Bevel is a classic yet modern tool that the craftsman can use everyday for all types of woodworking projects, either as an angle finder or as a square. The T-Bevel is especially handy when trying to duplicate an odd angle of an existing condition.