Makita XGT Pressure Washer GWH01

makita xgt pressure washer

Makita has been going strong with its XGT line–a cross-compatible 40V series that includes dozens of tools. Whether you’re a general contractor or an outdoor service provider, this line has something to offer. One tool in the fleet is the Makita XGT Pressure Washer (GWH01).

So, if I’ve grabbed your attention so far, and you’re in the market for a new unit, then stick around. We’re going to dive into the performance and design features to help you decide if this is the model for you.

Pressure Washers: Who Needs’em?

There are generally two populations that come to mind when you think of a pressure washer. First, there are the DIYers who take pleasure in personally cleaning their homes, cars, etc. Then there are the Pros who make decent coin in the spring, blasting away last year’s muck, mold, and mildew from their clients’ properties.

But professional contractors who don’t focus on cleaning as a service still have uses for a pressure washer. We’re talking about finishing touches on building jobs, cleaning their trucks and heavy equipment, and the list goes on.

Makita XGT Pressure Washer Performance

makita 40v xgt pressure washer

At the heart of the GWH01 is a brushless motor and two 40V (5.0Ah) XGT batteries. Together, they generate an output of 1,300 PSI and 1.5 GPM.

While those numbers aren’t bad for a cordless unit, the 1.5 GPM doesn’t quite make the commercial cut. That’s especially considering that 2 GPM is a rough minimum for Pro models. But, again, I would stress that this is still a viable option for Pros who aren’t necessarily in the business of pressure washing.

It definitely has something to offer homeowners who are looking to clean patio furniture, fences, decks, vehicles, walkways, and siding. The applications are virtually limitless, and the power and overall features of this unit are respectable.


  • Model: Makita GWH01
  • Battery: Two 40V (5.0Ah) (sold separately)
  • Brushless motor
  • 1,300 PSI, 1.5 GPM
  • Runtime: ~ 1 hr
  • Weight: 24.5 lbs (w/ batteries)

Furthermore, Makita gave the XGT pressure washer self-priming capability. It can also use a siphoning hose that allows for remote cleaning from freshwater sources.

According to Makita, you should get twice the usual runtime thanks to a feature that auto-switches to a charged battery in the two-bay system. In total, you should expect to get about 1 hour.

Makita XGT Pressure Washer Design

makita GWH01 features

In terms of design, the GWH01 has several features worth noting.

Perhaps one of the most obvious facets is a water-resistant battery enclosure. Moreover, this unit carries an IPX5 rating.

A few other design features include a telescoping handle and 5.5-inch wheels for moving between locations. Finally, the GWH01 has onboard accessory storage and toolless attachment adjustments for smooth transitions between tasks.

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Makita GWH01 Price

The Makita XGT pressure washer retails as a bare tool for $699.

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