May 18, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Accessory Reviews

Our power tool accessory reviews include products such as impact-rated bits, driver bits, bit holders, hole saws, spade bits, and more. If you care about power tools, then the accessories are what make or break your daily use. Choose the right power tool accessories, and your tools will last longer, cut or drive faster, and increase productivity. Unbiased Power Tool Accessory Reviews When we do power tool accessory reviews we line up the latest products of a particular category and ensure everything if fair. Variables other than the power tool accessory are eliminated. That means we use the same tools. We apply weights when possible to ensure cut consistency. We do everything in our power to eliminate as much bias as possible. A great example is when testing reciprocating saw blades. We’ll use weights to ensure the saws are applying the same amount of downward pressure on the blades when cutting. Material will be utilized which is as uniform as possible. This avoids knots or other irregularities. In the end, the right accessories will change everything. Put a bad bit or blade in a tool and it will perform like a lesser tool. Use the right accessory, and your day will go more quickly.

Bosch Carbide Jigsaw Blades Give You an Edge on the Competition

Bosch Carbide Brazing Tech Delivers 10x Longer Life Than Bi-Metal For handling a variety of materials other than clean wood, you’ll likely want a jigsaw blade with a bit more of a “backbone” than the usual. Bosch Carbide jigsaw blades use carbide brazing technology to stand up to tough materials while still delivering clean cuts. […]

Kreg 520PRO Pocket Hole Jig with VersaGrip Clamp

Take the Kreg 520Pro Pocket Hole Jig Anywhere We recently covered the Kreg 720 and 720Pro Pocket Hole Jigs, part of the company’s newest line of woodworking solutions. Fleshing out the rest of the line, the Kreg 520Pro Pocket Hole Jig (KPHJ520PRO) offers a versatile and adaptable approach to pocket hole joinery. What’s the Big […]

Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs | 720 and 720PRO

Kreg Pocket Hole Jigs Build Pocket Hole Projects Faster and Smarter Kreg has a rich history of helping woodworkers achieve super clean finishes with minimal fuss. Now, the brand has announced its latest innovation in pocket hole joinery. Kreg has designed the 720 and 720Pro Pocket Hole Jigs with all the tools to take your […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Review

Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore Hole Saw Will Change the Way You Look at Hole Saws When I first saw the Disston BLU-MOL QuickCore hole saw, I was cautiously optimistic. Its wide core access looked promising, but I wasn’t sold after watching a video. I wanted to get them in my hands and see for myself if […]

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels

Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels

Hilti SDS-Max Chisels Work 3X Longer Than Standard SDS Max Chisels If you’ve never put any thought into your pointed chisels, that might change. If you can get more life out of your accessories, well, that could save some time and money. The Hilti TE-YPX SDS-Max Pointed Chisels use a state-of-the-art wave design and some […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Toughbuilt Sawhorse Table

ToughBuilt Sawhorse/Jobsite Table Review TB-C700

ToughBuilt Sawhorse Features Helpful Innovations The sawhorse has been ripe for innovation for some time now, and it looks like ToughBuilt is one of the companies to take it on. The ToughBuilt C700 Sawhorse/Jobsite Table improves upon the traditional design of this unsung hero of the jobsite, making it more versatile, portable, and ultimately, more […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Greenlee Step Bits Review

Greenlee Step Bits Review | Split-Steps for Smoother Drilling

Progressive Split-Step Design Sets Greenlee Step Bits Apart Step bits are one of those accessories we don’t see a ton of leaps and bounds from in terms of innovation. When they do, it’s a big deal. It’s been a weird year on several fronts, and the fact that several brands have introduced new ones has […]

Crescent Apex eSHOK-GUARD

Crescent Apex eSHOK-GUARD Bit Holders and Socket Isolators

eSHOK-GUARD Accessories Give Pros Protection Up to 1,500 Volts According to Crescent, 54% of Pros work around live electricity every single day. On top of that, 62% use battery-powered impact tools to carry out their electrical work and 87% have been shocked while on construction sites. That’s a lot of electrical hazards. Because so much […]

Bora NGX Clamp Edge

Bora NGX Clamp Edge Guide System

Bora NGX Clamp Edge Guide System Features Solid Concept with Room for Improvement So you’re looking for an inexpensive way to get more from your circular saw. Using a track system to get accurate cuts is a great way to avoid the expense of a dedicated track saw or table saw. The Bora NGX Clamp […]

Chemical Guys Disinfectant

Chemical Guys Hypershield and Hyperban Disinfectants for Cleaning

Disinfectant Cleaning With a Streak-Free Shine for Home or Auto Being careful about the efficacy (effectiveness) of a cleaning solution just makes good sense these days. That’s why the Chemical Guys Hypershield and Hyperban line of disinfectants seem like great products for the home or office. These all-in-one solutions not only kill 99.9% of common […]