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Our router reviews include corded models with large plunge bases to smaller palm or handheld trim tools. Some of our latest models tested include the Ridgid R2401 trim router and the powerful Triton TRA001 plunge router that we tested extensively in furniture making. To-date, one of the most impressive tools we’ve laid hands on has to include the Bosch 1619EVS Variable-Speed plunge router. It offers incredible power with low vibration, and it also provides excellent control. Pro Level Router Reviews Testing routers includes knowing that setting the best router bit speed matters. Also, high end routers tend to add the power and control needed for higher end applications like cabinet-making. We test using jigs and also with router tables like the Bosch Model RA1181. Applications vary, but so do the routers and the people who use them. Some of the more fun applications for routing include advanced products. This includes the Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond routing system and even an automatic self-guiding router.

DeWALT Laminate Trimmer

DeWALT Laminate Trimmer DWE6000 Preview

New for the world of woodworking and cabinetmaking is the DeWALT Laminate Trimmer, model DWE6000. This latest model offers solid performance with a 4.5 amp single speed motor capable of up to 31,000 rotations per minute (rpm). The DWE6000 weighs in at 3.3 pounds, making it a lighter weight option than previous models. Height changes […]

Review9.8(out of 10)
1619EVS in action

Bosch 1619EVS Variable-Speed Plunge Router Review

I remember my dad’s Bosch sander, jigsaw, and drill were the tools that had to be properly returned to their cases, with the cords wrapped up to his specs, as soon as you were finished with man-practice. Those were the ones you’d get in real trouble for mistreating. To this day, I go out of […]

Rockler Ready2Rout Electronic Router Fence

Once again on the cutting edge of making woodworking more exact and enjoyable, Rockler has developed the Ready2Rout Router Table Fence. How does this make woodworking better for us? It’s the industry’s first electronic router fence. Yes, you read that correctly, Rockler has brought computer technology to the router fence. The Ready2Rout itself is an […]

Rockler CNC Shark Routing System

Rockler CNC Shark Black Diamond Routing System

Seeing this tool made me think that it might be a good idea to lock myself in a garage for a couple weeks and rework all the signage in my neighborhood. The new CNC Shark Black Diamond Routing System from Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a CNC routing system that uses software, including  zeroing capability, […]

Bosch Colt Palm Router Combo Kit

Bosch PR20EVS Colt Router Review

The 1 HP Bosch PR20EVS Colt router comes as a bare tool or as a kit with a fence and a plunge base. Switching the motor between bases and all height adjustments are quick, tool-less operations. The Bosch PR20EVS has a spindle lock but is also supplied with two forged wrenches. The second wrench is […]

Automatic Self-Guiding Router?

Automatic Self-Guiding Router a Reality?

We’re not sure who or what this tool will ultimately target, but Alec Rivers, a Ph.D. student at MIT, developed a self-correcting router that only needs to be loosely guided by hand and can perform intricate cuts to a preset path. The system is actually fairly compact and uses computers to guide the router along […]

Rockler Shows Off New Router Table Cabinet

Rockler Shows Off New Router Table Cabinet

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware just came out with a new Router Table Cabinet constructed from galvanized steel. It has twin doors, a built-in system for adding a drawer or shelves for storage, and a dust collection system that is worked into the cabinet itself. The cabinet takes nearly any conventional router and produces a poor […]

New Skil Routers Get Upgraded - Models 1817, 1827, 1830

New Skil Routers Get Upgraded – Models 1817, 1827, 1830

It’s no surprise that one of the goals of Skil is to provide tools that offer a high level of value for the DIY user. This involves trade-offs and compromise, but hopefully at points that the non-professional user can understand and make good use of. Skil’s new line of routers, bearing the model numbers of […]

DeWalt DWP611PK 1.25 HP Compact Router Combo Kit Review

DeWalt DWP611PK 1.25 HP Compact Router Kit Review

DeWalt brings compact routers to a new level with the new DWP611PK 1.25 HP Variable Speed Compact Router Combo Kit. Since it comes with both a fixed and plunge base you will be happy with its versatility. Don’t for a moment think that its compact size means that features and power were sacrificed either. We were surprised to learn that this pint sized router packs a punch and does a fantastic job at a wide variety of router tasks. At the end of the day we concluded this is a great woodworking tool.