May 9, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Cordless Multi-tool Reviews

If you do any tiling or flooring you should know the value of our cordless multi-tool reviews. Oscillating multi-tools represent the modern replacement to the undercutting saw. They provide quicker, more efficient cuts and can greatly reduce your time on the job. As these handy tools have gone cordless, it has only made them more helpful. We did a cordless multi-tool shootout where we took most of the major players and pitted them against each other. Testing run-time, vibration, and power, we noted that manufacturers have not created all of these tools equally. Cordless Multi-tool Reviews for Flooring and More With advances like the Fein Starlock oscillating multi-tool system and new tools that offer tool-free blade changes, multi-tools are only getting better. The next phase is understand which multi-tool accessories will hold up and stay sharp when you cut into harder material. Many a blade has been dulled by heart pine and oak. Accessories like the Bosch OIS system make compatibility issues virtually a thing of the past. Unless you happen to own a Festool Vecturo OS 400 multi-tool which has a proprietary blade. Hopefully our multi-tool reviews will help you decide which platform or product best meets your particular needs.

Bosch PS50-2A Multi-X testing

Bosch PS50-2A Multi-X Multi-tool Kit Review

Anyone who uses power tools will respect the Bosch name. When they make a product it typically falls under the category of “hard core professional tool.” That’s a lot of pressure. We (along with their competitors I’m sure) keep waiting for them to slip up and let something squeeze by that doesn’t stand up to the Bosch name. The PS50 12V Max Multi-X Cutting Kit is not that product. It satisfies and does so without wires – a feat uncommon in the world of oscillating multi-tools.