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Cordless Multi-tool Reviews

If you do any tiling or flooring you should know the value of our cordless multi-tool reviews. Oscillating multi-tools represent the modern replacement to the undercutting saw. They provide quicker, more efficient cuts and can greatly reduce your time on the job. As these handy tools have gone cordless, it has only made them more helpful. We did a cordless multi-tool shootout where we took most of the major players and pitted them against each other. Testing run-time, vibration, and power, we noted that manufacturers have not created all of these tools equally. Cordless Multi-tool Reviews for Flooring and More With advances like the Fein Starlock oscillating multi-tool system and new tools that offer tool-free blade changes, multi-tools are only getting better. The next phase is understand which multi-tool accessories will hold up and stay sharp when you cut into harder material. Many a blade has been dulled by heart pine and oak. Accessories like the Bosch OIS system make compatibility issues virtually a thing of the past. Unless you happen to own a Festool Vecturo OS 400 multi-tool which has a proprietary blade. Hopefully our multi-tool reviews will help you decide which platform or product best meets your particular needs.

Review8.3(out of 10)
Ridgid JobMax 12V Multi-Tool Featured Image

Ridgid JobMax 12V Multi-Tool Kit Review

It’s been several years since I used my first oscillating multi-tool, but I still remember thinking that it might become one of the most useful tools in my shop. It doesn’t happen as often as I’d like, but this time, I was right. The general design is small, lightweight, and so versatile that it allowed […]

best cordless oscillating multi-tools

Best Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tools – 18V Shootout

Editor’s Note: Get our most up-to-date comparison of cordless oscillating tools by clicking here! Pro Tool Reviews did its first corded oscillating multi tools comparison shootout back in 2009. It was one of my earliest comparison articles and remains popular with those looking to check out what’s available in the realm of corded multi-tools. At […]

Bosch Starlock oscillating multi-tool system

Starlock Oscillating Multi-tool System Explained

We got a chance to try out the new Starlock Oscillating Multi-tool System. The Bosch GOP40-30 oscillating multi-tool featured the new accessory system at the 2015 STAFDA trade show in Phoenix. The new Starlock mounting system is being developed jointly by both Fein and Bosch as a new standard for oscillating multi-tools. Bosch is particularly motivated to […]

Makita 18V LXT Multi-Tool

Makita 18V LXT Multi-Tool Announced

The Makita 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool (XMT035) is the newest addition to the LXT line of 18V cordless tools. It delivers up to 20 minutes of run time with Makita’s LXT 18V Batteries.  Using the rapid charger that comes with the kit, those batteries can charge in just 30 minutes for the 3.0 amp […]

Review8.8(out of 10)
Fein MultiMaster attaching blade

FEIN MultiMaster Cordless Kit AFMM 14 Review

Everyone has that one tool they could never live without. For some people it’s as simple as a pencil. For others, it’s an accurate level or a trusty hammer. But for me, it’s the Fein MultiMaster—which is why I jumped at the opportunity to review the FEIN MultiMaster AFMM 14 Cordless Kit. This German engineered tool […]

Rockwell Universal Fit System for SoniCrafter X2

Oscillating multi-tool accessories may not be sexy, but simplifying how they are installed is something I’m very interested in. I’m also interested in any way to make either a tool or accessory universal to all other manufacturers’ products. The reason is simple: It’s just too darn hard to have to have to think ahead to […]

Porter-Cable PCCK510LA 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool Preview

Porter-Cable PCCK510LA 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool Preview

When we attended this year’s IBS Show in Orlando, Florida we were shown a new tool and sworn to secrecy on on penalty of… well, it wouldn’t have been pleasant. That new tool was the 18V Oscillating Multi-Tool. It’s sold as both a kit (PCCK510LA) and as a bare tool (PCC510B). Both tools utilize Porter-Cable’s new Tool Free System, allowing you to swap out multi-tool blades and accessories without having to reach for the Allen wrench. Plus, since it runs on an 18V platform, the new PCCK510 delivers twice the run-time of their current 12V MAX oscillating multi-tool (PCL120MTC-2). If you’re sick of running a cordless multi-tool in ~10 minute stints, this is a nice upgrade.

Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview

Makita LXMT025 18V LXT Li-ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit Preview

Makita just released two new multi-tools, including the new 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless Multi-Tool Kit (model LXMT025), and the corded Multi-Tool Kit (model TM3000CX5). Compared to other models on the market, these tools look to be hitting the market as “second-gen” level tools, with sufficient build quality to impress us out of the gate and enough run-time (18V cordless) and power (corded model) to be very practical.

Makita TM3000CX5 Multi-Tool Kit Preview

Makita TM3000CX5 Multi-Tool Kit Preview

The new TM3000CX5 Oscillating Multi-Tool is powered by a 3.0 amp motor with soft start for smooth start-ups. The variable speed control dial allows a flexible operating range (6,000 – 20,000 OPM) and enables the user to match the speed to the application, and the electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load for smoother, higher-quality work. Similar to the 18V Lithium-Ion Multi-Tool, the new TM3000CX5 has a 3.2 degree oscillation angle engineered for faster, more aggressive cutting and sanding.

Dremel 8300-01 12V Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit Review

Dremel 8300-01 12V Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool Kit Review

We were impressed with the original Dremel Multi-Max Oscillating tool – and to this day it remains one of our most trusted go-to tools in the Pro Tool Reviews arsenal. What makes the Dremel even more successful is the prevalence of its accessories, which can be purchased just about anywhere. That means that if you are in the middle of a job and you “spatula” your blade, you can run to the local home improvement warehouse and get a replacement. Try that with some of the more obscure brands. Now Dremel has released its Cordless Multi-Max Oscillating Tool and we couldn’t be happier. It takes the speed and agility of the original tool and cuts the cords. It allows the tool to be more and do more. What may come as a surprise to most is that it really doesn’t cost all that much more. It’s also not a replacement for the Multi-Max, but a different product that caters to a different user requirement. Dremel will continue to manufacture and offer both products.