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Cordless Multi-tool Reviews

If you do any tiling or flooring you should know the value of our cordless multi-tool reviews. Oscillating multi-tools represent the modern replacement to the undercutting saw. They provide quicker, more efficient cuts and can greatly reduce your time on the job. As these handy tools have gone cordless, it has only made them more helpful. We did a cordless multi-tool shootout where we took most of the major players and pitted them against each other. Testing run-time, vibration, and power, we noted that manufacturers have not created all of these tools equally. Cordless Multi-tool Reviews for Flooring and More With advances like the Fein Starlock oscillating multi-tool system and new tools that offer tool-free blade changes, multi-tools are only getting better. The next phase is understand which multi-tool accessories will hold up and stay sharp when you cut into harder material. Many a blade has been dulled by heart pine and oak. Accessories like the Bosch OIS system make compatibility issues virtually a thing of the past. Unless you happen to own a Festool Vecturo OS 400 multi-tool which has a proprietary blade. Hopefully our multi-tool reviews will help you decide which platform or product best meets your particular needs.

Review8.8(out of 10)

Masterforce Boost Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Masterforce Boost Delivers the Next Level of Cordless Tool Performance The Masterforce Boost Oscillating Multi-Tool delivers ramped up power and speed with less vibration thanks to major upgrades. Boost technology brings Masterforce into the advanced cordless tool world and we tested it against the best cordless models to see how well this budget-friendly design performs. […]

Review8.8(out of 10)

Skil PWRCore 20 Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Skil PWRCore 20 Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool Earns Top Value Score The Skil PWRCore 20 Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool is the brand’s flagship model, sporting a brushless motor and Vibration Reduction System. We tested it head-to-head against the best cordless models in the business to see if its performance and design should catch the attention of budget-minded […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Milwaukee M18 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool Review 2836

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool Stakes its Claim as One of the Best Milwaukee made some major changes to their latest generation of cordless oscillating tools. The Milwaukee M18 Fuel oscillating multi-tool (2836-20) is the crown jewel in the line and makes some bold claims. We were impressed with the performance of the M12 Fuel […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Makita Cordless Oscillating Tool

Makita Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review XMT035

We tested dozens of oscillating multi-tools leading up to our latest head-to-head review of the category. Among the most popular is the Makita 18V LXT cordless oscillating multi-tool. Pros Good vibration control Good cutting speeds Cons Brushed motor On the heavier side Louder than most other models while cutting Pricey for what you get Makita […]

5 Ways To Use An Oscillating Multi-tool

Using an Oscillating Tool | 6 Professional Uses

The oscillating multi-tool is one of the handiest tools you can have around the jobsite or workshop. Its versatility lets you accomplish numerous tasks that would be impossible with other tools. You can sand; saw metal, wood, and drywall; make large holes; plunge cut into hardwood; or undercut a doorway. You can also remove grout, cut trim for […]

Review9.4(out of 10)
Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool

Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool Cuts Down Vibration The Milwaukee M12 Fuel Oscillating Multi-Tool makes some bold claims regarding its ability to maintain cutting speed and vibration control. We’ve tested nearly every multi-tool on the market. If Milwaukee can deliver, it’s going to be a really big deal in a sector where nearly every brand […]

Review8.4(out of 10)
Ridgid 18V JobMax Octane cuts

Ridgid Octane JobMax Multi-Tool Review

We think of the Ridgid Octane JobMax Multi-Tool like this: Buy it for the oscillating tool. Then, benefit from the whole 7-tool suite if you decide to purchase the other heads separately. Having already played with the Ridgid 18V JobMax multi-tool, the Octane “big brother” oscillating tool and sander came in handy on the job […]

Review9.6(out of 10)
Fein SuperCut Cordless Review

Fein SuperCut Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Fein SuperCut Still Tops the Charts, But Its Lead is Razor-Thin In our latest head-to-head review of oscillating multi-tools, Fein’s dominance began to be questioned as several brands made significant jumps forward. In the end, the Fein SuperCut Cordless still managed to come out on top. Pros Oustanding vibration control Outstanding cutting/sanding/scraping speeds Super-fast Starlock […]

Review7.1(out of 10)
Ryobi Jobplus scraping paint

Ryobi Job Plus Multi-tool Review | Model P340

Editor’s Note: This review was originally published on April 7, 2015, and has been updated to reflect the results of our recent Best Oscillating Tool Shootout. In a nutshell, when put up against other corded and cordless multitools on the market, the Ryobi Job Plus finished: 6th in cutting speed for cordless models 7th in […]

Review8.2(out of 10)
Ridgid JobMax

Ridgid JobMax Oscillating Tool R28602 Review

If oscillating multitool reviews happen to bring a smile to your face, prepare to start grinning like an idiot. Not only have we covered the best corded and cordless oscillating tools in our Best Oscillating Multitool reviews article, but we’re also about to dive headfirst into taking a look at the corded Ridgid JobMax oscillating […]