Fein SuperCut Cordless Oscillating Multi-Tool Review

Fein SuperCut Cordless Review
PTR Review
  • Pro Rating 9.6

Fein's SuperCut Cordless walks away with the top score in our head-to-head review of cordless oscillating multi-tools. Its top-tier performance, vibration control, and build help it maintain its reputation as the standard everyone else is shooting for.

Overall Score 9.6 (out of 10)

Fein SuperCut Still Tops the Charts, But Its Lead is Razor-Thin

In our latest head-to-head review of oscillating multi-tools, Fein’s dominance began to be questioned as several brands made significant jumps forward. In the end, the Fein SuperCut Cordless still managed to come out on top.


  • Oustanding vibration control
  • Outstanding cutting/sanding/scraping speeds
  • Super-fast Starlock Max interface system
  • Variable speed dial
  • Brushless motor


  • Missing an LED light
  • Somewhat bulky design
  • Pricy at $509 for the kit

Fein SuperCut Cordless Performance

The Fein SuperCut Cordless can bang out 10,000-19,500 OPM with adjustments on its variable speed dial. It uses a 4.2° oscillation angle, and it features a brushless motor.

Fein SuperCut Cordless

Head-to-head against other cordless models, only Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel could keep up with Fein’s cutting speed as we cut, scraped, and sanded.

Fein SuperCut Cordless Sanding

Where it all came together for Fein was on the PTR Oscillating Multi-Tool Track. With five sections and two blade changes, the Fein SuperCut Cordless posted out top overall time at 1:24—12 seconds ahead of second-place Bosch.

You can check out more cordless multi-tools and details of our Test Track setup here or go with this summary:

  • Cutting out a door jamb
  • Cutting out a gang box hole in drywall
  • Removing crown by cutting 5 finish nails holding it in place
  • Removing an 18-inch line of grout
  • Sanding a 6-inch section of 2 x 4 stud

Fein SuperCut Cordless Vibration Control

Generally, oscillating tools have a lot of chatter by virtue of the oscillation mechanism’s side-to-side action. But this is one area where Fein traditionally dominates.

When we tested multi-tools a few years ago, only the Fein MultiMaster posted lower vibration. Today, the Milwaukee M18 Fuel oscillating tool matches the SuperCut and their M12 Fuel Multitool had slightly lower vibration in our testing team’s opinion. Even though there’s competition, let’s not take away from the fact that the Fein SuperCut Cordless is one of the best in the vibration control game.

Starlock Max Interface

We love the Fein/Bosch Starlock Oscillating Tool System. It’s the best in the multi-tool accessory system in our opinion, and the Fein SuperCut Cordless model has it. With this system, blade changes are fast and simple.

Simply pull back the lever on the top of the tool to release the blade from the mounting. Then, press the mounting onto the new blade or accessory. It clicks into place securely. While it’s technically a hands-free operation, we find that it’s more practical to give it at least a little help.

At the end of the day, it’s fast, it’s simple, and like the other Starlock models, it earns a perfect score for accessory changes. The only real downside is that Starlock accessories aren’t as widely available as other interfaces.

Size and Weight

The Fein SuperCut Cordless weighs in at 3.98 pounds with a 5.0 Ah battery. We found quite a few lighter models, but it’s still a full pound lighter than the heaviest and you can shave a bit more weight with a 3.0Ah pack.

Fein SuperCut Cordless Profile

The tool’s gentle corners and overmold make it relatively comfortable to hold onto. However, we do wish it had a smaller girth and the rubber overmolding on the handle could stand to expand some. Still, the form factor curves in all the right places for a solid grip.

Fein SuperCut Cordless Price

Undoubtedly, this is a great cordless tool and Fein has a reputation for quality workmanship and durability. However, the SuperCut Cordless comes with a $509 price tag that might be tough for some budgets to swallow. That kit comes with two 3.0Ah batteries, a charger, and a case. You can get a similar kit with 6.0Ah batteries and a nice accessory bundle for $662.

If that sounds like a bit too much and you still want the benefits, check out the corded Fein SuperCut.

The Bottom Line

Fein’s SuperCut Cordless walks away with the top score in our head-to-head review of cordless oscillating multi-tools. Its top-tier performance, vibration control, and build help it maintain its reputation as the standard everyone else is shooting for. However, the gap isn’t as big as it used to be.

If you’re willing to trade off a little on the performance side for a tool that’s less bulky, the Fein cordless MultiMaster is another great choice!

Fein SuperCut Cordless Oscillating Tool Specifications

  • Model: Fein Akku Supercut AFSC18 QSL
  • Power Source: Fein 18V battery
  • Oscillations: 10,000-19,500 RPM
  • Oscillation Angle: 4.2°
  • Weight:  4 lbs.
  • Length: 11″
  • Warranty: 1 year, 2 years with product registration
  • Price: $509 (3.0Ah kit), $662 (6.0Ah kit with blades)

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Carl Krebs

NOBODY BEATS FEIN’S OSCILLATING TOOL LINEUP . PERIOD ! I have used them since their inception , as well as tried the newer upstarts . So far the copycats , cannot fully compete . Particularly in vibration , durability , and precision longevity . I am a retired aviation cabinetmaker and residential carpenter / millwright .

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