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Corded Drill Reviews

We do corded drill reviews so that we can evaluate the best tools for concrete professionals, painters, and more. This section includes reviews of rotary hammer drills, demo hammers, corded impact wrenches, and more. With cordless drills gaining ground, some applications still require tools with more power. As power tool innovations continue, that gap narrows, but for now some jobs continue to require a cord. Corded Drill Reviews – Power Beyond the Battery Some advanced products, like the Makita AVT technology available in their rotary hammers and demo hammers, improve ergonomics. From vibration reduction technology to advanced dust collection, corded drills retain jobsite relevancy. Depending on your application, we’re finding that light weight models with new brushless motors are performing as good as yesterday’s larger tools. That means less fatigue with just as much drilling. Whether it’s a demo hammer, rotary hammer, or corded mixer, we’ve got you covered.

Using a drill press

How to Use a Drill Press and Set It Up

I love my drill press. It is my favorite tool. Actually, I have two. I bought a bench model in college and picked up a big floor model not long after I graduated. Drill presses are quiet. They are precise. Most of all, they are extremely versatile. If you use the best drill bits, you […]

Using Hammer Drills VS Rotary Hammers

Rotary Hammer vs Hammer Drill | Looking Inside

So you’ve got some holes to drill. In concrete. Well, that changes things. Sure, you might be able to get by with a regular drill and a masonry bit, but then again you might not. It depends on how hard the concrete is, how much aggregate is in the mix, and how many holes you […]

Champion XLT Tapper

Champion XLT Tapper: 10X Tapping Speed Made Easy

“Let’s get out our drills and play hole tapping in steel!” said no one ever. The process of drilling a hole, then manually working your tap and die set to finish off a perfect match. It’s time-consuming and inefficient. Even if you only need to tap the hole without threading the bolt, most people don’t look […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press 04

Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press 58000

If you’re into any kind of shop work, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Nova Voyager DVR Drill Press. It’s a smart drill press that goes way beyond adding electronics to its feature set. One of the most talked-about features is the fact that this is a direct drive system. There aren’t any […]

Review9.5(out of 10)
Senco Duraspin DS425AC Feature

Senco DuraSpin DS425AC Deck Installation Review

A few months ago (before the Senco Duraspin DS425AC showed up and changed my life), I had the pleasure of building an 814 sq. ft. deck. I created this beauty from making what seemed like countless cuts in 2×6 pressure treated boards with a Ridgid 12″ sliding compound miter saw. I prefer 2×6 over 5/4 deck […]

Porter-Cable Impact Driver

PCE210 Porter-Cable Impact Driver

Tradesmen have a new Porter-Cable Impact Driver to look forward to including in their toolbox. The PCE210 features a 7.5 amp motor with a 1/2 inch chuck that secures attachments with a Hog Ring Anvil. Performance output of the latest Porter-Cable Impact Driver starts with 2200 RPMs. It delivers 240 foot-pounds of torque and up […]

Makita AVT Technology in its New Rotary Hammers

Makita is adding the new HR4013C AVT Rotary Hammer to its Anti-Vibration Technology line up. This 1-9/16″ rotary hammer boasts up to 45% less vibration while delivering up to 20% more impact energy than previous models. Makita AVT technology reduces vibration by utilizing a counterweight that throws against the force of each blow of the […]

Review8.0(out of 10)
Metabo KHE 3250 rotary hammer bit

Metabo KHE 3250 1-1/8″ SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Review

We got to look at the Metabo KHE 3250 1-1/8” SDS-Plus rotary hammer early on, but it had to wait for just the right application for us to review it. As it turns out, a home renovation put it quickly at the forefront of our schedule—and allowed us to test nearly every aspect of what […]

Senco Adds 3″ Screw Capability to the Duraspin Line

Senco has expanded its line of auto feed screwdrivers with a pair of new tools and a trio of attachments that are capable of driving 3″ screws. The Senco DS332-AC and DS312-18V Duraspin give users corded or cordless options. Two attachment kits are available, the Senco DS440-AC and the DS425-AC that come with a corded screwdriver […]

Bosch DH507 demo hammer

Bosch DH507 12 lb SDS-max Demo Hammer

The new Bosch DH507 12 lb SDS-max Demo Hammer is a new powerful, but portable, hammer solution designed to have improved ergonomics and variable bit positioning for flexible use. The new design is great for jobs like tile removal and joint repairs, but it’s strong enough to be used as a mini breaker when needed. […]