Makita AVT Technology in its New Rotary Hammers

Makita is adding the new HR4013C AVT Rotary Hammer to its Anti-Vibration Technology line up. This 1-9/16″ rotary hammer boasts up to 45% less vibration while delivering up to 20% more impact energy than previous models. Makita AVT technology reduces vibration by utilizing a counterweight that throws against the force of each blow of the hammer. It’s a solution that’s been utilized for years in other tools, but larger demo hammers are now coming online that feel a lot smoother than anything previously used by professionals.

We checked out the new Makita 2-inch AVT Rotary Hammer which makes use of AVT technology, and this seems like something we’ll see more and more of. Makita’s Anti-Vibration Technology (AVT) has been enhanced in the HR4013C to create a three-part system. The Air Actuated Counterbalance takes air pressure generated by the tool and uses it to move the counterbalance pistons in the opposite direction of the drive pistons. Vibration Absorbing Housing is designed to use a spring-loaded handle and upper housing that moves independently of the gearing and motor to absorb vibration. Finally, the Integrated Damper Spring is located at the base of the impact bolt and absorbs vibration from the drill bit. To check out AVT on a large scale, look no further than the company’s 17 lb. AVT Demolition Hammer (HM1111C)

The AVT Rotary Hammer features an 11 amp motor that delivers 11.4 J impact energy and a range of 1450 – 2900 blows per minute with the variable speed trigger. It accepts Makita’s SDS-Max bits and has been engineered for a variety of concrete applications.


Spec Summary

  • Model: Makita HR4013C AVT Rotary Hammer
  • Amperage (120 V): 11 amps
  • Capacity (concrete): 1-9/16″
  • Impact Energy: 11.4 joules
  • Blows per Minute (variable speed): 1450 – 2900 BPM
  • Bit Type: SDS-Max
  • Length: 18-11/16″
  • Weight: 15.1 pounds
  • Price: $599

Makita backs the AVT Rotary Hammer with its 1-year limited warranty and the kit includes a side handle, depth rod, side grip assembly, bit grease, and oilcloth. Online prices are running right under the $600 mark currently.

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