June 21, 2021

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New Product: Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer

Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer

Vibration Takes Another Hit as Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer Enters the Market

Makita continues their assault on vibration with the new Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer. The latest tool in the AVT lineup features Makita’s enhanced Anti-Vibration Technology. This consists of three components working together to reduce the vibration by as much as 89% over the previous model. The Air Actuated Counterbalance redirects air to move the counterbalance in the opposite direction of the piston. Vibration Absorbing Housing allows the handles to move independently of the motor to isolate vibration away from the user. An Integrated Damper Spring helps to reduce the vibration transmitted from the bit itself.

According to Adam Livingston, Product Manager, Commercial Products, Makita USA, “Many rotary hammers have a detached, spring-loaded handle as their primary means of reducing vibration, which appear to be just updates to an existing tool having limited effect on vibration reduction. Compare this to our three-component AVT system, which is advanced technology that is part of the overall engineering of the tool, isolating vibration not only at the rear handle but also at the side handle as well, an industry first. The result is industrial performance with significantly less vibration.”

Even with reducing the vibration to 9 m/s², it still packs a punch by delivering 14 foot pounds (19 joules) of impact energy to the bit. There is also a soft start to improve control as well as an optional lock on while in chipping mode. One feature that I really like on the Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer is a constant speed control. This feature provides additional power during operation to maintain the selected speed. Two modes are available on the new AVT Rotary Hammer: Chipping Only and Hammering with Rotation. You’ll also find 24 bit angle settings and a one touch sliding chuck.

Makita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer SpecificationsMakita 2 Inch AVT Rotary Hammer

  • Model: HR5212C
  • Power Source: 120V, 15 amp motor
  • Capacity: 2 inches
  • Impact Energy: 19 joules (14 foot pounds)
  • Blows Per Minute: 1100 – 2250
  • Bit: SDS Max Compatible
  • Weight: 26.2 pounds
  • Includes: HR5212C Rotary Hammer, Depth Rod, Hammer Bit Grease, Oil Cloth, D-Handle, Straight Handle, Straight Handle Assembly
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Price: $1097.28 on Amazon

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We had this new Rotary Hammer Demo’ed in our store by Makita 2 weeks ago and it really works great ! Noticeable low on vibration nd packing a serious punch.Read more…

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