Rockwell Universal Fit System for SoniCrafter X2

Oscillating multi-tool accessories may not be sexy, but simplifying how they are installed is something I’m very interested in. I’m also interested in any way to make either a tool or accessory universal to all other manufacturers’ products. The reason is simple: It’s just too darn hard to have to have to think ahead to what blades you may need in the event you need one on the job site—and if it isn’t one of the two or three carried in the local home improvement warehouse or hardware store, you may be out of luck. Rockwell seems to have one of the more viable solutions.

Rockwell is really rebranding its new Universal Fit system, which incorporates both the variety of tools and their new accessories currently hitting the market. First, their new line of multi-tools (especially the new SoniCrafter X2) lets you use just about any other manufacturer’s accessories—without the use of an adapter. Secondly, Rockwell’s new line of accessories for their SoniCrafter oscillating tools will work on nearly any other brand of multi-tool as well. We have sen several instances of compatibility before, namely Bosch’s OIS system and the excellent blades from Imperial Blades. But Bosch’s OIS requires an adapter, which isn’t the best solution if you’re looking for both speed and convenience.

rw8925 universal fit diamond blade

“We want to make it easier and more affordable for multi-tool users to tackle projects and not have to second-guess the idea of using another tool. Universal Fit accomplishes that goal. Oscillating multi-tools are so versatile; they can accomplish any number of tasks. We want to provide a strong incentive for homeowners, hobbyists and pros to use them to their full advantage.”

– Pete Denley, Rockwell product manager

While only the X2 features the new feature natively, the new Universal Fit accessories are compatible with prior model Sonicrafters by using a magnetic upgrade ring adapter, which is included in all accessory packages. The upgrade ring also enables prior model Sonicrafters to accept other brands of accessories, including Bosch, Milwaukee, Skil, Makita, Ridgid, etc.

rw8931 rw8925 universal fit blades

Rockwell’s lineup of new oscillating tools that feature the Universal Fit System include the Sonicrafter X2 (RK5140K, $149) and the adapter-enabled Sonicrafter (RK5139K, $119), Sonicrafter 12V Cordless (RK2522K2, $139) and ShopSeries Sonictool (SS5120, $49).

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