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With the onslaught of new OSHA regulations on dust control, dust extractor reviews are important. How do you find the best jobsite dust extractor? How about the best woodworking dust extractor? We help you with Pro-focused dust extraction reviews that break it down. Our Pros outline features, build quality, portability, and suction power. We also cover dust collectors and chip collectors as well as products with and without HEPA filtration. The importance of good jobsite dust control cannot be stated enough. Dust Extractor Reviews for Pros Our dust extractor reviews cover everything from general dust extractor vacuum shootout to specific reviews. We’ve covered woodworking models like the Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex and the popular DeWalt HEPA vacuum DWV012. Suction, features, and control provide the keys to a good dust extractor. Finally, if you think you can get by without dust extraction or a jobsite HEPA vacuum, that ship has sailed. OSHA regulations make these tools more mandatory than ever, particularly for interior and exterior renovation.

Ridgid WD7000 Smart Cart Shop Vacuum Review

Ridgid SmartCart Vacuum WD7000 Review

I wouldn’t have thought that a shop vac would get me excited. After all, they are nothing new and have been helping do-it-yourselfers and professionals clean up jobsites for years. But, winter is here and I find myself engaging in a lot of clean-up around the house lately. After using a traditional shop vac for several years and suffering the poor ergonomic design of the vacuums in general, I was excited to see a new form factor hit the market. Ridgid has quite possibly redesigned the genre by producing their WD7000 Smart Cart vacuum that offers, among other things, complete accessory storage and increased maneuverability. This is a very new kind of shop vac – and it’s broken the mold.

Delta 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector 50-786 Preview

Delta 1 1/2 HP Dust Collector 50-786 Preview

Woodworkers looking for premium performance and durable design in dust collection will likely be pleased with the new 1-1/2 HP Dust Collector (50-786) from Delta. This is one of their newest collectors added to their line of premium dust management products. The new dust collector delivers power and filtration above that of previous dust collection offerings and packs it into a durable sheet metal frame design for added stability and maneuverability.

Ridgid WD7000 11 Gallon Smart Cart Vacuum

Ridgid WD7000 11 Gallon Smart Cart Vacuum

Most wet/dry shop type vacuums are all plagued with the same problems. There is nowhere to put additional attachments, hoses and cords are haphazardly dangling around and those pesky extension handles are always falling off. Ridgid attempts to remedy these problems with their new Smart Cart Vacuum WD7000.