May 17, 2021

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Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex System

Festool CT dust extractor familyFestool CT dust extractor family

When Festool did a European announcement of two new powerful vacuum systems under the name AutoClean AC we perked up. The CLEANTEX CT 26 and Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex, now come with AutoClean, an automatic main filter cleaning system. The filter will never be obstructed and the suction power is therefore optimized at all times. In cases in which there is an extreme amount of dust, these collectors also allow for manual cleaning in addition to the automatic cleaning mode. The new dust collectors are equipped with small flat filters and a high power turbine—all in a lightweight chassis that supports lots of accessories for specific uses. We use it extensively in our recent review of the Festool ETS EC brushless sanders.

Whether working as a traditional shop vacuum or as a dust extractor for sanding or finishing work, the Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex system seems the perfect solution for maintaining a healthy, clean working environment. As the name indicates, the AutoClean monitors how much dust and condensation there is and takes care of automatically and continuously cleaning the flat filter located within. This ensures a consistently high suction without having to stop the job to clean out the system.

Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex AutoClean Advantages

Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex Preview
Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex

The principle of the AutoClean system is simple: When the main filter is clogged by dust deposits, suction decreases – and with it the ability of the vacuum to function at optimum power. This can happen even when the tank is nearly empty. It is here where the AutoClean’s adjustable cleaning intervals will clear obstructions that may have occurred in the main filter, keeping the suction power at optimal performance all times. Intervals can be adjusted continuously from 15 seconds to 2 minutes or, if desired, cleaning can be switched off completely. Immediate cleaning can be very helpful in jobs where dust formation is really high. In addition, the unit can be configured to perform a more thorough cleaning.

Systainers on CT 36
Systainers stacked on top of the Festool Cleantex CT 36

Another advantage is that AutoClean models are constructed so that, when set to “Auto”, the vacuum is always in top condition when powered back up – even when it’s been used extensively. The compact vacuum cleaner AC CT 26 has 26 liters of capacity and the larger CT 36 has 36 Liters. Both units are AC operated with a high power turbine and guarantee almost continuous maximum-power use, even during cleaning cycles. Festool is also banking on consumers appreciating the potential cost advantage derived from lower maintenance and longer life of the main filter cleaning as well as the highly optimized performance of the system.

A Better Dust Collection System

The Festool CT 36 BC Cleantex system allows you to set the new mobile systems using AutoClean Systainer Sys-Docks. Thanks to the integrated hose compartment, the hose and power cable can be kept clean and organized. The Sys-Dock can also be used as a tray for tools and accessories. Effective Self-Cleaning filter bags developed by Festool prevent the formation of fine dust particles thanks to the way the system collapses the bag automatically to break up particulates and encourage airflow through the bag. A modular system allows the user to adjust the mobile suction system to their needs. The compact design has sturdy wheels for smooth operation and an integrated locking brake means you can park it on uneven surfaces without worry. Festool offers a wide range of accessories, suction tubes, nozzle, hoses, filters, and bags to ensure flexible and continuous use of the Cleantex system.

While their release was targeting the European market, let’s keep our eyes peeled for the update to hit the States soon.

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