July 25, 2021

Professional Tool Reviews for Pros

Framing Tool Reviews

Framer use a lot of tools. You’ve got compressors and nailers, but you also have hammers, squares, miter saws, and tables saws. Then there’s the complement of other hand tools like tape measures, pencils, and chalk reels. Framers are our go-to guys of general construction tool reviews. They’ve touched it all. This crew loves jumping into a tape measure comparison or the discovering the best tool belt rig. And of course they helped us find the best framing hammer (hint: that award might land on the Stiletto 12oz titanium remodeler). Framing Tool Reviews at the Jobsite Many of our framing tool reviews take place on the jobsite. We can’t think of a better place to test tools. These are the guys who get to discover the best cordless reciprocating saw. They play with tools like the DeWalt DWF83PT framing nailer and the cordless equivalent, the DeWalt 20V Max framing nailer. If it involves cutting or fastening lumber, this section should have you covered.

Milwaukee 2630-22 M18 6.5" Circular Saw Review

Milwaukee 2630-22 Circular Saw Review

Having a cordless circular saw is like having the keys to your parents’ sports car and a full tank of gas when you’re 16… You can do just about anything… within reason. With the Milwaukee M18 Cordless 6.5″ Circular Saw, you get the same excitable feeling – plus it’s even got that sporty red color. This was also the first 6-1/2″ cordless circular saw we had tested that was based on a lithium-ion 18V platform – and it both worked well and lasted a long time.

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Installation Gun Review

Tiger Claw Hidden Fastener Gun Review

We love building decks. With Tiger Claw’s new Hidden Fastener Installation Gun, you can build an entire deck with no surface screws or nails. This makes for a much more beautiful and clean finished look to any decking project and really ramps up the “pro” factor of any job. It also takes away one of the primary access points for water infiltration and deck rot. Tiger Claw makes the claim that their Installation Gun not only makes for a nice, finished job, but it also reduces the installation time for any job involving their TC-G hidden deck fasteners. We set out to see how well that claim held up under real-world use.

Swanson T001WZ Framing Wizard Review

Swanson Framing Wizard T001WZ Review

Swanson took the age old framing square and made it into a folding, 5-in-1 layout tool they are calling the T001WZ Framing Wizard. This new tool makes space and functionality top priorities! Forget about trying to figure out where to keep your old square; now that you have this one available, you can fold it in half and throw it in your tool bag. With its versatile use, you can just whip it out and use it as a framing square, tri-square, miter square, angle finder or as a saw guide.

Swanson T04424 Wood Magnet Review

Swanson Wood Magnet T04424 Review

The new Swanson T04424 Wood Magnet is one of those types of tools that once you use it a few times, you realize how many times it would have come in handy on all your past projects! With low cost and highly versatile applications, this compact tool is able to combine a number of project leveling and layout tools into one. The simple design combined with a pretty rugged build should make this an easy choice for both DIY types and pros alike!

Swanson Aluminum Speed Squares Review

Swanson Aluminum Speed Squares Review

Back in 1925, Albert J. Swanson was framing in some rafters when he suddenly had an idea. Using a couple pieces of scrap aluminum, some duct tape, wire coat hanger and a soldering iron, he invented the world’s first layout square, the Swanson Speed Square. OK, that last part was completely made up, however, he did invent the first Speed Square and to this day all others are essentially based on his design. Some years ago I was using a standard combination square to measure and cut a piece of lumber when a contractor friend of mine sauntered over and handed me his Speed Square. Like Swanson, I’ve never looked back.

SKIL HD5687 7-1/4 Inch Skilsaw Circular Saw Review

SKIL HD5687 7-1/4 Inch Skilsaw Circular Saw Review

The new SKIL HD5687 takes the sidewinder Skilsaws to a new level by offering many professional features like a 15 amp all ball bearing motor and a worm drive style handle all without adding any additional weight. To add further functionality, the bevel angle goes up to 51 degrees rather than the normal 45 degrees as found on most saws. To make quick depth and angle adjustments there are clearly visible markings to make easy calibration of where you need to be.

SKIL SHD77M 7-1/4 inch Magnesium Worm Drive Skilsaw Review

SKIL SHD77M 7-1/4 inch Magnesium Worm Drive Saw Review

The original SKIL Model 77 Worm Drive came out in 1937 and since then there have been many improvements that now include an even lighter weight magnesium case on the latest SKIL Mag 77 SHD77M. With so many years of experience under their belt, the engineers at SKIL have nearly perfected the worm drive circular saw! This current model, while not a new model per say, still sets the standard for many folks when they think of a worm drive circular saw.

Bosch Full Force Technology finish nailer

Bosch Full Force Technology Pneumatic Nailers

Bosch moves into the area of pneumatics with the introduction of their Full Force Nailers. Theses nailers are a ground up fresh design that utilizes new Bosch technology that makes the tools 10% more powerful and 20% smaller. Along with the new nailers will come a line of matching air compressors.

Grip Rite GRTCH350 framing nailer

Grip Rite GRTCH350 Framing Nailer

Most of us know the name Grip Rite from their screws and nails but they also have a extensive line of common and specialty nail guns of which the 33 Deg clipped Head Framing Nailer GRTCH350 is going to be a new member soon.

Tiger Claw Semi-automatic Air Fastener

Tiger Claw Air Screw Nailer for Groove Fasteners

At the 2009 IBS, Tiger Claw debuted a new “semi-automatic” installation tool that dramatically reduces the installation time for Tiger Claw’s groove fasteners. To work it, you simply slip the hidden deck fastener into the nose of the gun and position it in the groove of the board with the gun flat against the supporting joist. The gun automatically enables perfect positioning of fastener and screw installation with the pull of a trigger.