Vaughan Super Bar B215L Pry Bar

Vaughan super bar

Vaughan tools are made in the USA, and their XL Superbar 21″ pry bar is among the most versatile and useful tools you’ll ever come across. The Vaughan super bar is useful for tighter applications that don’t require brute force or an inflexible pry bar. Its integrated nail puller and “shepherd’s crook” rocker make it a great tool for demo and removing and replacing trim. If you don’t have one of these, stop reading and go buy it…We’ll wait. It’s not as fancy as a stainless steel flat bar or titanium flat bar, but it’s got the power and value to get the job done.

A Well-Rounded Pry Bar

The Vaughan super bar is a well-recognized blue color and has two usable ends. One is a sharp, tapered blade that is perfect for getting up under trim or any scenario where you need positive leverage. The “shepherd’s crook” side features a steep, curved blade that is perfect for more dramatic prying and makes an excellent nail puller that can rip a 16d nail from a 2×4 or another piece of framing wood without too much difficulty.

Vaughan Superbar pry bar

Some tools are particularly good for contractors, others for the handyman. The Vaughan Superbar is good for both—and it won’t break the bank. This is a very useful tool that you would do well to add to your collection.

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