DeWalt Toughseries Construction Jack

dewalt toughseries construction jack

At some point, we’ve all needed the proverbial helping hand. It’s a fundamental part of life and the human condition. I’ll end my philosophical musings right there. Practically speaking, that helping hand typically translates to “hands-free” in the world of construction. And that’s where the DeWalt Toughseries Construction Jack (DWHT83550) comes into play.

Indeed, this is a tool that some fail to consider. However, once they do, it doesn’t take long to recognize the potential gains in both convenience and efficiency. If that is what’s going through your mind right now, then read on. Even if it isn’t, I still think you should read on. This very well may be a tool that you decide you can’t do without.

DeWalt Toughseries Construction Jack Performance and Design

As DeWalt puts it, the DWHT83550 is all about helping contractors work smart. And this can be those who practice in any one of numerous areas, as this device has applications aplenty. Specifically, they include:

dewalt toughseries construction jack

According to DeWalt, you can use the Toughseries Construction Jack to level, lift and hold in place, and, most importantly, free up your hands or lighten your load.

In terms of operation, the DWHT83550’s handle gives you squeeze-to-lift and step-to-lift options. This will prove useful, as you’ll ultimately need to orient yourself differently, depending on what you’re doing.


  • Model: DeWalt DWHT83550
  • Lift capacity: 340 lbs
  • Lift height: 8.75 in
  • Squeeze-to-lift or step-to-lift
  • Weight: 7 lbs
dewalt DWHT83550

But I’m sure the big concern you have is how much it can lift. Based on DeWalt’s numbers, the Toughseries Construction Jack will handle anything up to 340 pounds.

I’ll use drywall applications to put this figure into context. On average, a conventional 4×8, 1/2-inch sheet weighs about 50 pounds. That’s 1/7th of the DWHT83550’s total capacity. So, there’s a fair amount this tool can manage.

Furthermore, it can reach a max height of 8.75 inches.

Finally, I like this model’s tapered base, which enables you to quickly and easily slip under various applications.

DeWalt has plenty more going on. Check out our list of the Best New DeWalt Tools!

DeWalt DWHT83550 Price

The DeWalt Toughseries Construction Jack retails for $119.

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